Congratulations to Rusev and Lana

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  1. Today is a day of celebration.

    It is the first of two big days for Rusev and for Lana, as today is the day of the first of two ceremonies that they will be having. This particular wedding will be shown on the upcoming season of Total Divas and the Total Divas cast along with wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Tyson Kidd, Jimmy and Jey Uso, and John Cena, and the majority of the cast of Pitch Perfect will be in attendance.

    It is unknown when the second wedding will take place, but TMZ was told it was important for Rusev to have a ceremony in front of his family, hence the reason for two weddings.

    Congratulations to the couple.
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    I thought they were married already. :idk:
    Ah well, congrats to them...
    Do we not have a Rusev smiley? :hmm:

    EDIT: [​IMG] :lana:

    Better. :smug:
  3. I'm happy to hear about that. They seem to really care about each other and I hope they have a good life.
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  4. Lucky Lana, getting to be married to such an utter lad.
  5. Congratulations, RuRu! You lucky bastard. You win at life, man. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. :notsure:
  7. Big fan of the wedding being circus themed
  8. Congrats to the best couple in WWE!
  9. Please tell me the Total Divas wedding at least used their real names. I know it's supposed to all be in semi-character, but still...

    Anyway, Rusev is lucky as hell, at least in the looks department. I can only hope Lana has a nice, fun personality to go with her. Good luck to both of them.
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