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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Nobody, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. is easily the 2nd shittiest ppv of this year. Welcome to Aids Johnson's short, precise version of a Review. Dont expect this to be dolph's quality, dont expect it to be rainmans. Expect a little more than a BLFFL raw thread, and we all are winners.

    First and most importantly, i missed the preshow, and i wont be including it in my review. Im going to watch but i knew who won *i asked) about an hour into the main show. Honestly im not even sure what he won, i just know who did, and ill watch the preshow after the hours of tv i have from last nights programming (you need to watch boardwalk empire and eastbound and down. This is your warning)

    So i started watching, and it's adr vs RVD. Honestly i expected it to be a decent match, and it was. It was scripted as hell and they moved pretty slowly at first, but it was an average ADR match, and Destiny kept the cbelt for ADR. :adr:

    The rest of the show from there, to the beginning of the rhodes review (youll be able to tell from fast forwarding because its directly after a commercial break, and most of the recaps worth watching are done after, and not before one.

    That Khali match with "The real americans" is great, too, just skip half of it first.
    [spoiler{] that giant swing vs khali was great.]

    I'm not saying a thing about Rhodes vs Sheild, but it was great. Im an 80s baby so i great up thinking Golddust was this freak, who made big poppa pumps freak shit look reasonable. His character, the way he talked, and how his moves were so well put together, it was like he honestly is 2-3 steps ahead of what he is doing at that moment. Take for example him setting himself up for the spear, it was smooth and he sold it so well. This match ended, and so has the show's value.

    Show Spoiler
    The DB/Orton II match marks the 2nd time a main event has ended for no fucking reason, when there is a clear winne. This shit is such a pain in the ass, and i am betting a shitload MORE people ask for their money back now. Way to stick to your guns, HHH and wwe creative, i will give credit there. They better have a serious hand to play, because that was just a slap in the face to anyone who was pissed off for what happened at NoC.

    Most of the matches were smackdown quality. Fucking r-truth was in, and he may be dope in ring, but his shit is too simple. Its like if Damien Sandow came out and read the cat in the hat to people. How stupid would you honestly think of him? Now R-truth, he is great. "You can get with this, or you can get with that. You better get with this, cuz this is where it's at. What's up!" is a line that really sets apart champions.

    Altogether we are talking a 4/10 ppv. No i didnt forget to mention other things like the horrible commentary, the crew of miz, tensai, young, and more werent worth mentioning, the divas match was trash (nikki bella made exorcism noises) and they randomly lost power.

    Dont spend your money on shit like this, dont support it, watch Raw tonight and in the first 20 minutes you will see Rhodes. The rest, as far as quality goes, is up in the air. Dolph'sZiggler is a pussy.
  2. Man, I swear you were praising Triple H a month ago. :pity:
  3. It was about developmental and how good NXT has been going. Not the angle included. bro. :pity1:
  4. I remember raging about what happened at NoC and you said chill because it will turn out great. You were praising him. It's cool though, i'm happy you finally agree with me.
  5. Only you, Aids.
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