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  1. To Big Hoss Rambler for becoming part of Staff.

    If you've been Staff a while, forgive me. I haven't been on much lately.

  2. He was promoted about 7 minutes ago :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Yeah he's new, congrats Hoss.
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Thanks errbody.
  6. Congratulations sir.

    Correction, I meant to say I remember you from the earlier days.
  7. Congrats Big Boss Hoss.
  8. No need to call me sir. You can call me boss. :otunga:

    Lol, yeah I was wondering what you were talking about. Anyways, good old times.

    Thanks my man. :boss:
  9. Congrats Hoss defo deserve it.
  10. Thanks Cloud. Remember, we still spamming together on the counting thread one day. :otunga:
  11. I've got staff on my side now so we'll spam often haha. After RAW though
  12. No one's gonna stop us now. :bury:

    Sleeping time after RAW. Tomorrow.
  13. Congrats Hoss! How do we become 1?
  14. You have to get chosen.

    Congrats Hoss, old thread, closed :emoji_slight_smile:.
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