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  1. Connor sent for the man before Macho Man made it cool.
    Connor was the only person to successfully powerbomb Billy Kidman.
    Connor kicked out of DAT KNEE.
    Connor was actually the architect behind Brock Lesnar breaking the streak.
    Actually, Connor himself was originally going to break the streak, but he felt bad for Brock after losing to Triple H and John Cena.
    Connor found HBK's smile.
    Connor got a five-star match out of The Great Khali. He also landed a rare triple moonsault in that match.
    Connor scared CM Punk into running away and reappearing as Keith.
    Despite what Vince Russo claimed for years, Connor was the primary architect of the Attitude Era. The bad storylines though: still Russo's fault.
    Connor was the agent behind Savage vs. Steamboat at Wrestlemania III.
    Connor slammed Andre the Giant at both the Superdome and the Silverdome.
    Connor gave Jack Bauer the okay to come back.
    Connor invented the "thank you" chant.
    Connor was the third man of the nWo all along. He just felt bad for Hulk Hogan's staleness.
    Connor provided Paul Heyman the financial assistance to keep ECW afloat.
    Connor's match with Triple H got higher than a 4/10 from Bret Hart. I think he rated it a 6.5.
    Connor was originally the Black Scorpion, but of course WCW WCW'd it. The Shockmaster, however, was not Connor's idea.
    Connor taught El Torito everything he knows.
    Connor was the brains behind the legendary Smackdown Six.
    Connor actually cooked what The Rock was cooking.
    Before they called Dr. Shelby to fix what would be Team Hell No, they called Connor.
    Connor convinced the Undertaker to go back to being the Deadman.
    It was Connor all along, Austin.
    Connor 3:16 says he just whooped your ass.
    Connor was the one who told Stone Cold Steve Austin how and where to take his legendary King of the Ring promo.
    Connor won the 2004 Royal Rumble.
    Connor granted more wishes than John Cena.
    Connor loaded the rocket ship with fuel.
    Connor is Vince McMahon's long lost son.
    Since Connor beat Triple H before Daniel Bryan did, he's the one who humbled the burying assassin.
    Speaking of the burying assassin, it was Connor that set Triple H and Stephanie up.
    And Connor is the real father of Stephanie's kids.
    It was Connor that gave Lexi Kaufman the ring name Alexa Bliss. You're welcome.
    Connor booked the legendary Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon match at Wrestlemania X. And the sequel at Summerslam 1995.
    You probably can't see it, but between Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy at Wrestlemania XI: Connor.
    Connor also booked the Owen Hart-Bret Hart rivalry.
    Connor was the breeder of Randy Orton's weed.
    Connor was the one who kept Hulk Hogan from kicking out at 3 to Ultimate Warrior's splash at Wrestlemania VI.
    Scott Hall had to taser Goldberg because Connor just shrugged it off.
    Connor ended Goldberg's undefeated streak too.
    Who better than Kanyon? Connor.
    Connor: the REAL Invasion MVP.
    Connor defeated Austin and The Rock in the same night long before Chris Jericho did. It was a post-show dark match on Smackdown in October 1999. He beat Chris Jericho that same night too.
    Connor's sitdown powerbomb is better than Batista's. This has been scientifically proven and is not subject to debate under any circumstances.
    Connor is the only one who Sweet Saraya was actually sweet to.
    Connor gave the Connor Cutter to Kanyon in Madison Square Garden.
    When Connor faces John Cena, it's always LOLCENALOSES.
    Connor taught Dean Ambrose to become a titty master.
    Connor can see John Cena.
    Connor gave Wade Barrett bad news once. Barrett cried in the fetal position for twelve hours.
    Connor designed the Magneto costume.
    Undertaker's "American Badass" gimmick was inspired by Connor.
    Connor put Mark Henry in the Hall of Pain.
    Connor stole Big E's kielbasa.
    Connor gave us ice cream bars when CM Punk failed to deliver on his promise.
    Connor defeated Antonio Langston.
    Bad News Barrett asked for some decorum, but only received it after Connor presented him the gavel.
    Geno wanted to change the site to Connorside Seats but Connor is too humble to allow this.
    Three is not enough for Big E. Five is not enough for Connor. He needs eight.
    Connor...put a tear in my eye.
    Connor was the WWF champion for about two months in 1998. This reign is officially recognized under another name: Vacant.
    Connor gave the keys from the Zamboni to Stone Cold, and when that wasn't enough, come Wrestlemania XV, he passed Austin the keyes to the Coors Light beer truck.
    Connor is the one who takes care of the Mexican orphans.
    El Connorico was his masked identity all along. They just pronounced it wrong.
    Connor was originally going to win the 1992 Royal Rumble, then he thought Ric Flair winning it would be a cool idea.
    Connor was the actual anonymous RAW general manager.
    Connor was the first choice to host Wrestlemanias XXVIII and XXX. He had to turn them down due to other commitments.
    Connor bought WCW. He just let Shane McMahon have it.
    Connor married three WWE divas in one week just to prove a point and win a bet. Of course all the marriages were annulled since polygamy is sorta frowned upon in most respectable parts of the world. Those divas are now in depression because Connor left them, though Connor still made sweet, sweet love to them twice a week. It certainly explains why Rosa Mendes was hanging around Michael "PS" Hayes.
    Nikki Bella got the boob job because she wanted it thrice a week. The boob job was Connor's idea.
    Connor was Kaitlyn's secret admirer.
    Connor told Snitsky to punt the baby because it would be cool. So it wasn't Snitsky's fault, you say? No, it still is. Because it's never Connor's fault. Connor takes the fall for nobody.
    Connor saved Vince McMahon when the limo exploded.
    Contrary to popular belief, Rick Rude was not the first man to appear on RAW and Nitro in the same week. Connor was. He also had a small cameo on an episode of ECW Hardcore TV that week.
    Connor got John Cena to say "I Quit" in an "I Quit" match using a headlock.
    Connor did not like NXT Redemption. So he went to Triple H and told him to rebuild NXT. And they will come.
    Connor booked the CESAROTM-Sami Zayn series, as well as the Paige vs. Emma matches.
    In an unrelated story, Connor also dated Paige and Emma. At the same time.
    Connor is also responsible for Nosering McV-Neck, Sandra, Vincent, and Dr. Milrod of Total Divas fame.
    If you look really close, Connor is not gone: he's just trapped in Daniel Bryan's beard.
    Connor knocked out Meng. Twice. He's also the only person in the world to successfully headbutt Meng.
    Everyone fears Meng. Meng fears Connor.
    Connor smashed one guitar and drew millions.
    Connor was the first and only person to get Fandango's name right and it's the reason he finally started wrestling.
    Connor knows the whereabouts of Fandango's first dancer.
    Connor fired Sean before it was cool. He made Geno's "Sean, you're fired" cool.
    Connor spit an apple in Carlito's face because he wasn't cool enough.
    Harley Race tells stories about Connor.
    The Most Interesting Man in the World looks up to Connor.
    Connor ran the famous Dungeon in Calgary. Stu Hart was just a front.
    Connor taught William Regal to be a real man.
    Connor invented the rec button.
    Connor invented Chris Jericho.
    Connor invented the Internet. He went on to invent the GIF because he had a few minutes to fill.
    Connor broke down the walls, but gave Chris Jericho the credit.
    When Connor killed Dracula, Drac stayed dead.
    Adam Rose's parties are recess compared to Connor's parties.
    Connor has all the numbers and all the paperwork for United States title defenses.
    Connor taught CESAROTM the giant swing. Then Connor swung CESAROTM about 112 times.
    Just when Roddy Piper thought he knew the answers, Connor changed the questions.
    Ric Flair could never beat the man so he can never be Connor the Crusher.
    Connor out-gambitted Xanatos.
    Connor has the whole world in his hands. He just gave Bray Wyatt permission to borrow it.
    Knux couldn't fix the damage of the flood, so he called Connor. Half an hour later, everything was working perfectly.
    Connor is the one who drove Crazy Steve crazy.
    Connor gave Vince McMahon the plan to go national.
    Connor was the C in ECW.
    Connor turned down a spot on the TNA creative team. That's how Christy Hemme ended up with the spot.
    Some people Bo-Lieve. Bo Dallas Co-lieves thanks to Connor.
    Connor is why Diamond Dallas Page is so positive.
    DDP Yoga was called Connor Yoga until Connor thought DDP Yoga was catchier.
    Connor invented Yoga for Regular Guys. He just didn't want amaze anyone else, so he let DDP take credit.
    Connor won a land war in Asia and won a battle of wits with a Sicilian.
    Connor is the real and the original Dread Pirate Roberts.
    Connor put the comment of "that'll put some butts in the seats" in the ear of Tony Schiavone. Word is Connor couldn't stand Schiavone, so in a rare act, Connor sabotaged a man's career, probably over a money dispute. This is why you pay Connor back if you owe him.
    Connor is the real brains behind the WWE Network. The idea began with a doodle.
    Alexander Rusev is dating Lana now, but only because Connor gave him his blessing.
    Connor brought Paul Bearer back to life after being buried in a concrete crypt.
    Connor is the tag team champions.
    Connor ran wild over Hulkamania.
    Connor does not get Grammar Slammed. Ever.
    Scott Steiner is jealous of Connor's freaks and peaks.
    Connor knows who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. But he won't tell because he doesn't snitch.
    Connor has successfully invaded Russia.
    Connor negates the Soviet Russia meme.
    Connor smashes Gallagher with watermelons.
    Vince's ideas must first be approved by Connor.
    Connor knows The Doctor's real name.
    Connor is the original Time Lord.
    At the origin of every great science fiction story, there is Connor.
    Dusty asked Connor for permission to be the American Dream.
    Connor taught Alicia Fox her Northern Lights Suplex.
    The Weeping Angels can't send Connor back in time if he blinks.
    My client, Connor the Crusher, conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.
    Connor the Crusher was Lana's subliminal foreshadowing. That's why she yells RUSEV...CRUSH! Rusev wanted it to be the Connor Crush, and Vladimir Putin himself endorsed it. But Connor politely refused. And as a demonstration for shits and giggles, Connor crushed Putin.
    Connor needed only sixteen seconds to beat Daniel Bryan.
    Connor basically got to second base with AJ. He's an American hero.
    Actually, Connor and AJ were married for about twelve hours.
    Cenation is just a spelling mistake. It's C-Nation. Connor-Nation.
    Connor once defeated all Four Horsemen in a Wargames match.
    Connor is the man behind GTV.
    The next X-Men movie will be called X-Men: Connor Returns. He'll show up in the last five minutes, one-shot Apocalypse, and make Fox a billion dollars. Because Connor.
    Connor is Paul Heyman's advocate.
    Connor defeated Hornswoggle and is the real last cruiserweight champion.
    Connor produces the JBL & Cole Show. WWE desperately want him to work on the other shows too, but unfortunately his busy schedule lets him spare just ten minutes a week.
    The faces of Foley originated as Connor's imaginary friends.
    Connor is the one who knocks.
    Connor shot on Lou Thesz and won.
    Connor was the original Nature Boy. Both Buddy Rogers and Ric Flair lease the name from him.
    Connor taught Chris Jericho the armbar.
    Connor knows what happened to Braden Walker.

    Thanks Cageside seats.
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