News Conor McGregor Talks Smack Against WWE/Brock Lesnar

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 6, 2016.

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    "The outspoken UFC featherweight champion addressed the possibility of one day making an appearance in the professional wrestling organization on Friday and immediately unloaded on the superstars who compete in the WWE."

    I haven't really thought about it. For the most part, those WWE guys are pussies. To be honest, they're messed up pussies if you ask me. Fair play to Brock, he got in a fight but at the end of the day he's juiced up to the f***ing eyeballs so how can I respect that?

    — Conor McGregor

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    At the end of the day, Conor just sounds like a douche.

    EDIT: added the swears

    And I think this is references Punk "And then what's the other guy? The other guy hasn't fought yet, so I don't know about him yet."
  2. I respect him as a fighter, but his trash talk is lame.
  3. Conor is a step up from most MMA promos 9 times out of 10. Since most MMA trash talk ends up being version of "you're gay!".

    And Meltzer thinks there's not a single better promoer in wrestling than there is in MMA because of that
  4. How retarded would it be for Roman Reigns to mock Rusev by claiming he's a disgrace and traitor to the Bulgarian people, following that up by speaking in Russian, to mock him.

    That's legit what Conor did to Rafael dos Anjos. It was s cringeworthy. And it isn't the last time he's said something retarded. Virtually everything he said to Nate Diaz, comes to mind.
  5. Lesnar vs McGregor. WM 33. Let's go. :brock4::connor:
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  6. I like Conor and his antics. Just like i liked Sonnen. The guy knows why people are watching him so he keeps on doing the same dance.

    I'd do it as well, if the money was there.
  7. Connor McGregor is a lil bitch. I'll fight him
  8. How much brain trama has this man suffered in his UFC career that this is the best argument he could come up with?
  9. McGregor is right. pussies every where in WWE.
  10. I wish. :kitler:
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  11. LOL'd at some of this
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  12. Chael Sonnen > McGregor

    Step up your trash talk. :pity2:
  13. Like his trash talk or not, he would kill everybody in WWE..
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  14. No he fucking wouldn't. Connor is a great ufc fighter, but Brock would kill him unless Connor got lucky and hit him with a punch right away. Brock is a great wrestler and would take him down right away.

    He would whoop reigns ass for sure as reigns has no real fighting experience as well as he prob would whoop most of the locker rooms ass simply because they can't really fight.

    But, this doesn't mean that all of WWE is a bunch of pussies. Connor is a just a big talker and he gets paid to create chaos.

    It's like what Tank (a legend in ufc) once said about ufc fighters now a days, "these guys dye their hair, get stupid tattoos, and are athletic... But 95% of them would call the cops of a real fight might break out." In other words, Connor could beat the average guys ass for sure, but that doesn't mean he could just win a real fight because he's a great at a sport. Ufc is still a sport, and it's based on a lot of realism, yes... But, that doesn't mean they can win a real street fight. Truly no rules...

    Case and point, Connor is an idiot and because he's on top of the world in ufc, he thinks he's a true badass. What id love to see is Connor fight some heavyweight and a couple street fighters with nearly no rules... In the old days of ufc, those guys were true bad asses. Nearly no rules, no weght classes, and sometimes fight 3 times a night to win... Connor can't do that and win, nor can almost anyone in ufc.
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  15. Roman's reply, LMAO!
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  16. the only thing notorious about him is his notorious dingaling size
  17. If Vince McMahon was truly a genius, he would be sending Brock to UFC 202 to jump in the cage and beat the living shit out of Conor.
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  18. I love that they are all calling his BS out.
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  19. He's like one of those little and annoying yappy dogs.
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