MMA Conor vs. Khabib

Discussion in 'Sports' started by The Sheik, Oct 5, 2018.

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  1. This is it.. We are 1 more day until the fight happens. The biggest fight of all time.. Conor McGregor making his triumphant return to the UFC after a 2 year absence, facing this guy named Khabib. This joke from Dagestan.

    You know, the only reason Khabib is famous at all right now is because Conor almost took his head off with a dolly and he was hiding behind women in the back of a bus..

    This guy is fucked. Conor is going to knock him clean out. He has beat nobody his entire career and people think he stands a chance against the Notorious one?

    Conor exposed Khabib at the press conference about all the shady people Khabib deals with, now he's going to expose him tomorrow night in the octagon.. Oct 6th.
  2. I actually first saw khabib at 219 vs Barbosa and became an instant fan. That was his fight before 223 when the dolly shit happened. He has an amazing wrestling game. Gets guys down and completely over powers them. But then again, he wrestled bears as a kid, so I'm sure people the same size as him is nothing.

    Regardless of the outcome, it's going to be a hell of a fight. It could go either way. If Conor doesn't knock him out before the end of round 2, I predict a 49-46 Nurmagomedov victory.
  3. Congrats to Khabib
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  4. Finally someone shuts McGregor up
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  5. UFC looks like shit after that fight. Martial Arts isn't suppose to be like that. UFC promotes that sort of shit.
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    Maybe they learn to put some shorter leashes on some of their boys now. UFC honestly made their bed since they promoted the entire fight around how Conor assaulted Khabib's crew and bus in New York. Rather than throw the book at him they used it as marketing and they are shocked that a bunch of dudes from Russia weren't going to let that stand?

    sucks that it happened but hopefully White learns from it (he probably won't sadly)
  7. You have been exposed :fact:
  8. Oh yeah that guy knows nothing
  9. Khabib! Wrestle fucked Conor the entire time. The dude is such a beast on the ground. Pure domination.

    So much for being a joke from Dagestan eh?
  10. A lot of outrage is coming from people that don't even watch MMA. lol
    Of course it was unprofessional conduct, but some of the penalties these guys are saying are ridiculous.

    Like I literally saw a post which said, "Do you think Conor deserved to lose?"
    what on earth.

    GJ Khabib.
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  11. The fight itself was not controversial at all. Khabib nullified Conor's striking game and legit tapped him out.

    Maybe now that the myth of Conor is done we can all move on to looking towards the future of MMA instead.
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  12. I know right? I just got home from Thanksgiving dinner where the brawl was brought up a few times. I was the only one there that actually watches mma. And that fight itself too, and the wifes sister n her bf were all like "oh yeah that dude will probably never fight again. Hes done!" And I'm all like uhhhhh let's look at this for a minute. Conor attacked a bus full of fighters 6 months ago and his punishment was an immediate title shot AND his own brand of whiskey was an official partner of the event. Then on another note you have Lesnar who just failed a drug test for steroids. His punishment is an immediate heavy weight title fight. Oh yeah he hasn't even legitimately won in 8 years either.
    This khabib thing has got blown completely out of proportion for what it really was.

    Was it acceptable behaviour? No. But just take a look at their history and some of the things said to him especially in the past few days, and understand he comes from a totally different culture than we do in the western world. This shit isn't just fun and games for ticket sales to him.

    The fight itself was incredible. Its everything it was hyped up to be. Khabib destroyed him. You can just see his power on the ground. And that overhand right that dropped Conor was amazing too. I dont think anyone saw that coming. Khabib made Conor his bitch. Probably put a big dent in his ego aswell.
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