"Conspiracy Theories" thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Extraterrestrial, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Been planning on making this thread for some weeks now. Use this thread to share videos, links, books, articles etc.
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  2. Was just listening to this. I don't doubt any of this for a second.
  3. :yay:

    A thread for all us nut jobs who actually believe in evil!! :woo1:
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  4. "20% of the sun's direct light is no longer reaching the surface of the planet" Could this explain 'Murrica turning into a fucking ice cube? :hmm:
    Just something to think about. I see these stupid trails all the time and everywhere. :okay:
    California is fucked.
  5. I blame HAARP and the chemical crap they release in the air. I highly doubt the sun is suddenly deciding to change. Plus weather patterns have been sketchy, yes, but not shocking. Look back at old weather records in your area. Not much different. Plus they say "Global Warming" so why the hell would it be getting colder? Shmit don't make no damn sense.
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  6. Yeah, definitely the chemtrails. Watch the vid I posted when you get a chance, there's no doubt about it.

    Another cool video. Seems like they're trying to use "Global Warming" as an excuse to spray us with metals :harvey:
    Love Colbert calling him out (in his sarcastic manner).

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  7. The whole "going green" and "save the planet" is a bunch of bullshit. I ain't gna sugar coat it. The earth don't need saving, its these damn people who need the help. I mean most of them "elites" believe they are entitled to inherit the earth. I mean, really? Idk... Yeah, there are people who make this stuff sound like a buncha BS but you can't knock facts when they are presented. History don't lie, its the people who write it that do.
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    Sad thing is it's too late to do anything anymore. And yeah, a lot of stuff can be seen as very loony and wacky, but it's hard to deny facts (though that's not to say ALL "conspiracy theories" can be backed up). Admittedly, some 'theories' can be over the top but certain things like Chemtrails and such are just fact.

    More wild stuff here - Probably hard to believe for most, but having an open mind and delving into Occultism, religion, spirituality, etc.. it's almost hard to DISBELIEVE. (Black) Magic is and has been prominent for ages. Don't care how silly that sounds.
    Goddamn, Jews and "Satanists" :okay:
  9. Yeah, this thread just went completely bonkers :dawg:

    DON'T CARE \___/
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  10. If you don't believe in anything outside of your physical senses, none of this can be understandable.
  11. I don't care if I am viewed as crazy for my beliefs. They are MY beliefs and the opinions of others is only perspective. :true:
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  12. inb4 this thread is closed by the NSA/FEMA and we're sent to concentration camps :why:
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  13. #BlameAlexJones :lol1:
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  14. I kinda believe Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen.
  15. That isn't a conspiracy, it's a fact buddy.
  16. lmao if that were the case we would just be killed and have it called fair. I doubt you, brit, or myself would be of any use in a work camp.
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  17. Do you really think JFK's assassination conspiracy is true too?
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