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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. Have you ever felt singled out at your cyber work place? I have, every moment for the past 2 hours I have been repeatedly bullied and warned. Now you see I don't mean to dislike anyone here, except for JeebaK I really dislike him. Yet I'm constantly belittled because I say things no one else wants to admit. Now I'd like to think this website would be better after Dolph'sZiggler left but the fact is it got taken over by his idiotic ass twin and his Scottish wife. You see Crayo you promote this whole be nice campaign but you're the least nice person in the world and the worst thing is every single one of you fell for it you took the hook you took the line and instead of a sinker you're just a sucker. For now let me tell you a personal story about Crayo.

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  2. What are we upgrading to :boss:?
  3. What do you mean upgrade? I see everything fine.
  4. You spoiler fool.
  5. OK I'll type it up again since people seem to be trying to silence me.

    ----------Please upgrade to see this message----------
  6. I'm too tired to even try and understand :haha:, will be back in 10 after I get into bed.
  7. Lol'd so hard in Skype with Xanth. Amazing amazing thread.
  8. ^The ass twin lols
  9. My wife wasn't pleased.
  10. You're wife is a hard woman to please, she is Scottish after all.
  11. Your*

  12. Durrr how retarded am I??? I get it now :haha:, I thought it said twins at first so I was wondering who the other twin was, I worked out Xanth was the Scottish wife and Crayo was a twin but though a 3rd was involved until I re read it as Twin.

    God I feel like a right tit now.
  13. I agree with OP.
  14. Agreeing with yourself eh? or do you have a double personality?:dawg:
  15. Another one of the favourites tryna hold down the truth. Why are you always tryna hold a brother down?
  16. You aint my bro wigger. U my little biatch:jericho:
  17. So so so so so sexist, always having to hold a brother down.
  18. :boss::haha:


    Just noticed I'm worthy enough to be in your SIG, cool:win::haha:,
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