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  1. I like to have most of my members on MSN, I always have. Quite unusual for the owner of a forum to do that, but I'm different. I recently changed MSN and I have many of you already, so I thought I'd inform you of my new one. Feel free to add, and post yours :emoji_heart:.

    If you don't use MSN, post other things like Skype.

    Skype: crayohf
    MSN: crayo[at] (please replace [at] with @ obviously).
  2. MSN: gafman [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
  3. Added you. Need to ask you something on there :emoji_slight_smile:.
  4. I might add you if you pay me, bitch.

    EDIT: After of him begging me and a nice sum of money I decided to add him.
    Lucky Crayo.
    EDIT2: Don't forget to pay your monthly subscription.
  5. $100 well spent.
  6. Re: RE: Contact Information.

    Will talk to you tomorrow, can't right now.

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  7. Don't worry got what I needed now :emoji_slight_smile:. But yeah add me tomorrow :emoji_wink:.

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  8. My AIM is public: gfxforums
    MSN is not, PM for that.
  9. People still use AIM? :O
  10. Only recently, I much prefer it.
  11. * Lith demands a email.
  12. Will actually make that a superstar feature. PM me what you want before
  13. What do you think?


    Much easier.
  14. [email protected]? :emoji_slight_smile:

    And what is that? Normally I just make it through Cpanel, then you make the MSN and I verify it.
  15. Set some DNS records and you got your own Windows Live inbox and I think it's automatically on MSN, but if not you can
  16. You don't have to verify it for them, create their account and direct them to: <- Emails go there, Windows Live account is only created to use with MSN.
  17. Can not help it lol :emoji_grin: Tapatalk makes it say that.
  18. Haha I know :emoji_slight_smile:. I was just being a smart-ass lmao :emoji_wink:.