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  1. More of a serious discussion topic, hopefully we'll see some good discussion in here.

    I've seen this topic pop up a lot online in various wrestling communities recently. The topic being how wrestling promotions should distribute their content going forward and pricing in order to combat piracy.

    I personally try to support every promotion that I want to see grow and do well. I watch ROH's weekly TV on their website so they get ad revenue, I buy their shows on demand through their website, I buy GBG wrestling shows on demand, I subscribe to NJPW World and so forth.

    A big topic I have seen recently is that promotions like WWE and NJPW have set the new bar for distribution with the network/world and the low subscription cost. A regular wrestling DVD on the independents is between $15-20, which equals to about 2 months of the WWE network or World.

    How are independent promotions like Evolve, PWG, and so forth supposed to compete with that price? And how would you like to see promotions go forward with distributing their shows? What do you prefer?

  2. I used to buy DGUSA, EVOLVE and PWG shows on a semi-regular basis, Chikara, CZW and wXw too. All digitally, of course. But sooner or later it strikes you - what are you doing, idiot? Giving away 15 bucks per show? IDIOT! Way too much. Even during ROH's golden era people complained how you had to be semi-rich in order to follow the product regularly.
  3. ROH do a lot of shows in a year of course you have the main ppvs but you have those smaller house type events which can have some decent matches on the card. Also ROH charge fans for the lower shows and show them on their tv show which has pissed a lot of fans off rightly so. I buy PWG dvds sometimes as their shows are fewer and I like their stuff. I would only buy the main ROH shows but it does add up. Do not bother with the tv show.
  4. Honestly, I try to support indy wrestling when I can. Whenever I go to a show, I save my money up to try and get what I can (last time, it was just a shirt) but sometimes the pricing is too much for a dvd. I remember going to PCW in november and they were selling DVD's at special prices as well as the new one being £12 but it's hard to follow it when I have only two shows from them atm.

    On Demand is the way forward in my opinion, ICW have their priorities straight with theirs, for around £3 a month, Unlimited Access to shows and original content, I think it could be a base for other UK independent promotions to launch something like it (unless the haven't already). The only reason why I buy DVD's though is because I enjoy being able to watch them offline whenever I want.
  5. And Progress joins the list of promotions with on demand services.

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