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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Anyway, we were talking about if anyone could continue with the Undertaker gimmick before Randy rage-closed the thread.
  2. no, everyone would shit on it if it happened.

    its the NEW Diesel and the NEW razor Ramon...

  3. Gimmicks are meant to be re-used. Someone could portray the Undertaker gimmick in a reshaped form, but not anything 100% resembling the original character, at least not for a couple or a few decades, because it'd be hard to duplicate the original without being compared unless there was a pretty big distance of time between them.

    I could see a similarity in the distant future - much like Undertaker derived his power early in his career (1990-1996, briefly in 2004) from Paul Bearer's urn, I could see someone in the future deriving their 'strength' from another source, i.e something like a symbol or whatever. Similar, but not entirely the same. This is how most all re-cycled gimmicks and personas are. This is just a small example of it.

    Like I said in the other thread, there could be someone who is a mortician type of character. Similar, but different. After all, it was Paul Bearer who was the mortician, not Undertaker. Imagine in the future, if the next person closest to the Undertaker persona had the wrestler as the mortician. You could have similarities without being entirely the same.

    But fuck that stuff about someone being Undertaker's "son" or whatever.
  4. I am sure they will reuse his gimmick. Everything gets recycled when it comes to entertainment. They just add a little glitter to make it more appealing and "fresh".
  5. They'll probably try re-using it, or at least a very similar gimmick. I doubt anyone would be able to pull it off as well as Taker has though.
  6. No one can be as good as The Undertaker in portraying that gimmick. Undertaker lives in that gimmick. :pity2:
  7. I can't see a new Undertaker, simply because they don't have a new guy with that sor- well actually McGuillicutty I could see in that sort of persona just because he has the look for it. However if they're looking to replicate the Undertaker it will be given to someone who's never been seen on WWE TV before and even so, without Taker's direct endorsement, I don't see anyone taking the role of that character until years later.
  8. Personally I think this type of thing is better suited to Masked Wrestlers. Now bare with me people, but wrestlers like Sin cara could essentially live forever, having one guy take over in the suit. But with a persona like the Undertaker, it's so well known and established, his look is just something that can't be perfectly copied.
  9. Someone's been watching Batman. :dawg:

    But anyway, yeah, you're right. Undertaker can't be replaced by anyone.

    Inb4 Cena
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