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  6. *the rocks music hits*

    (the rock) last week on raw the rock laid down a challenge to anyone backstage to go one one with the great one then some guy called damien sandow came out of knowhere and accepted the rock challenge then proceeded to attack the rock big mistake damien! Fast forward a couple of days whilst the rock was play with the people's strudel the rock checked the match card expecting to be facing damien sandow tonight only to be screwed over by john laurinaitis and instead is facing yoshi tatsu i mean? Who is yoshi tatsu the rock even had to check google to see who he was even google was like WTF? The closest thing was a green dinosaur the rock was confused he thought he was in super mario world and he's even brought mushrooms just in case either way dinosaur or not yoshi tatsu is gunna find out who the rock is because he's gunna go to the peoples shop buy a can of whoop arse take his size 12 boot check into the smackdown hotel and stick it straight up your candy arse!

    If you smell what the rock is cooking!
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    *Randy Orton appears on the titantron. He looks angry, then, slowly, begins to smile*

    (Randy) This Monday on RAW, I'm going to be teaming up with CM Punk @Shannon_742 and Rob Van Dam Forrest, to take on The Shield Adam568 ... Let me just say something to me ... team mates. I'm not a team player, I work alone. But ... I want The Shield, and if this is the only way to get what I want ... then so be it. I suggest to the both of you, to play nice, and stay out of my way. Because I have 3 RKOs stored for The Shield, but I have an extra 2 ... if I need 'em.

    As for The Shield, well, nobody screws Randy Orton and gets away with it. You got lucky that Cody Rhodes is up your ass, don't worry, I'll deal with him soon enough. You know, I am really ... really looking forward to this match. I am looking forward to beating the 3 of you down like the little dogs you are. I might even have a punk or two in store on Monday *chuckles* it depends how I'm feeling. And after I've taken care of you ... maybe ... maybe I'll "take care" of Rob Van Dam and his United States Championship. Or maybe I'll take care of whoever is WWE Champion after SummerSlam. See you Monday.
  8. Cult Of Personality blasts throughout the arena. CM Punk makes his way to the ramp, wearing his black hoodie unzipped, with his yellow GTS shirt under it. He gets on his knees. "It's clobbering time!" Punk makes his way to the ring, the hood of his hoodie covering his face. Once CM Punk hops onto the ring apron, he climbs the turnbuckle, throws his hood off and yells "Best in the world!" Punk grabs a microphone, a serious look on his face. The crowd boos Punk.

    "As many of you might know, on RAW, I team up with Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton to take on The Shield. I'm not too happy with my partners. Many of you know that me and Orton had some rivalries in the past and I don't have any respect for Orton. I really don't care about Rob, as long as he doesn't get in my way. First of all, I've got something to say to Randy. You need us to stay out of your way or I'm going to get a RKO? Well, get in my way and I've got a GTS for you. But, if you don't want me to get in your way, you're gonna lose to the Shield. And, after you lose, I'm gonna to make you suffer. Or, The Shield could do it, and actually bring justice! Just know, Randy, that come Monday, you decide to get in my way, I'll make you suffer. And, about you "taking care" of the WWE Champion after Summerslam, that champion will be me. But, you won't take care of me. Face it, Randall. You've lost your touch."

    The crowd's boos get louder due to the statements CM Punk made about Randy Orton. Punk shrugs his shoulders before speaking again.

    "And, about The Shield. I've created no injustice. You simply don't know what you're doing. You're attacking the Best In The World, the Straight Edge Savior, the Second City Saint. The only justice that you've served is messing with Orton, because he actually deserves it. But, Ambrose, you were much too desperate to get that United Staes Championship. It means nothing. But, the WWE Championship. It surely means something! It means you've risen to the top, it means you're the best. And, you Ambrose, nor the rest of the Shield are not the best. Because, the best is me. And, this Monday, you'll realize that."

    CM Punk drops the microphone and raises his arms. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he walks backstage.
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  9. *RVD'S Music hits as he walks down to the ring, Microphone in hand, wearing an ECW Shirt, with His US Title on his shoulder. He gets in the ring and gets ready to talk*
    Punk, I have a lot of respect for you....For someone to come out from the terrible rebirth of ECW and Become a Main stay on Raw AND Smackdown....That must of took a lot of work. Orton....I don't give a Damn if you RKO me because if you do....Then your no better then the shield! You can go ahead talking about betraying you...but do you remember Evolution? The guys that betrayed you....Do you want to make enemies with your team mates? If not, then Buckle up and Learn to respect your Allies!
    *The crowd cheers as RVD Gets ready to continue his speech*
    Now...The Main topic here are the Shield....Next Week, We'll take you down, either me, Punk or Orton...I don't give a damn whoever does it, as long as it will shut you up and teach you who to respect around here, then it's fine with me! My Shirt here, it says ECW and that means I'm not scared to go outside the ring to kick your ass, after the match, before the match or even during the match because when I knock you down and I hit my Five-Star-Frog Splash on you....You'll be gone until next week!

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  12. *Justin Gabriel appears and asks for a mic*

    I just came here and wow! This is amazing. This crowd is amazing tonight! Who was I facing? Oh yeah, that monster right there. He looks amazingly big, but is his brain the same size? Don't really think so. He can come out and prove he's one of the toughest guys in this company but what will he do against my speed and high risk moves? Will he powerbomb himself and them pin me?

    *Crowd laughs*

    You know I'll win this match because I know how and when to kick him. Now Ryback, bring your ass here for me to beat you.
  13. *Rhodes comes out from the crowd*

    I've been out, have you missed me? That's what I thought. I'm back. Get ready
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