Control A Superstar - RAW (July 15th, 2013)

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    (Michael Cole) Welcome to Monday Night RAW!​
    *John Laurinaitis comes out to major heat from the St. Louis crowd*​
    (Johnny) My name is Mr. John Laurinaitis, and I am the excecutive vice president of talent relations, the the general manager of Monday Night RAW! *What?!* I have always said that I have the best intentions to entertain you, the WWE Universe! *What?!* So tonight, I am going to deliver. *What?!* Tonight, we will have 2 WWE Championship tournament matches! *What?!* In one match, the monster, Ryback, will face the South African Werewolf, Justin Gabriel! *Cheers* And in another, The Rock will face Yoshi Tatsu! *Cheers* Also tonight, the new United States Champion, Rob Van Dam *Huge pop*, will team up with the man who was poked in the eye by Dean Ambrose last week, CM Punk! *Mixed reaction, mostly boos* and the man who was screwed in his tournament match last week against Dean Ambrose, the viper, Randy Orton! *Hometown pop* to face The Shield! *boo* Thanks you, enjoy the night!​
    Match 01 - WWE Championship Tournament 1st Round Match
    Justin Gabriel vs. Ryback
    Match 02 - Singles Match
    Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan
    Match 03 - Singles Match
    Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara
    Rhodes vs. Seabs
    Match 04 - WWE Championship Tournament 1st Round Match
    The Rock vs. Yoshi Tatsu
    tgill85 vs. @Suicide
    Main Event - 6 Man Tag Team Match
    United States Champion Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton & CM Punk vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)
    Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes​
    - Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose​
    Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton​
    Ryback vs. Justin Gabriel​
    The Rock vs. Yoshi Tatsu​
    Titus O'Niel vs. Damien Sandow​
    Sin Cara vs. Rob Van Dam​
    CM Punk vs. ???​
    ??? vs. ???​

    Here's this week's match card, aswell as the current WWE Championship tournament table. Will be updaqted over time. Results will be posted Monday Right, start cuttin' those promos!

  2. We have to make the promos here or we'll we have a match thread?
  3. (OOC) You can just cut them here
  4. (OOC) Wouldn't it be easier if we have a thread? I'll create it in a while.
  5. OOC: yeah um whoever was the Rock I know we were in the middle of something but cuz I'm booked against D Bryan ill be cutting something new.

    While backstage, Josh Matthews approaches Sandow.
    Matthews: "Um, excuse me, Damien Sandow, could I have a moment of your time to ask you a few questions..?
    Sandow: *sighs* "Yes, what do you desire from me you pathetic imbecile?
    Mathews: Um... Well Ill just get back to asking... What are your thoughts on your loss in the United States Championship Battle Royal?
    Sandow: My thoughts? You want to know my thoughts on my defeat? Ill tell you my thoughts you fool. I was eliminated by that hideous looking coward Daniel Bryan. I was performing excellently, I'm sure even a moron like yourself would know that Josh. Then he starts screaming "Yes" like that's all he can say and then, just as I was going for somebody, sneakily clotheslines me and I go over the top rope plummeting to the Ground. However, it appears I've been booked to face that repulsive goat faced Bryan. So, overall, you could say that I'm rather ireful after my defeat.
    Matthews: Well that gets to my next question. Daniel Bryan. You're facing him on Raw... How do you think you'll beat him if he eliminated you?
    Sandow: *takes a deep breath with an angry expression on his face* "I refuse to be disrespected by you, rubbing it in my face that he eliminated yourself. No comment. Rid yourself from my presence!"

  6. (OOC) Yeah, I know, I'll be continuing the feud this week.
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