Control A Superstar - RAW (July 8th, 2013)

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    *Fireworks inside the arena explode, the Boston crowd erupts into cheers*

    (Michael Cole) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW!
    (Jerry Lawler) And have we got a show in store for you tonight?! Tonight, we wilol begin a tournament to name our first ever WWE Champion!
    (JBL) Yes King, tonight we will begin a tournament including all out top superstars, this tournament will continue over the next month until the final that will be held at SummerSlam!
    (Michael Cole) Also tonight, in our main event, a battle royal to name our first ever United States Champion! Good luck to all the superstars involved!

    A couple more rules to be added:
    Make sure you post the name of your superstar in brackets before you speak in character. For example, (John Cena) You can't see me!
    Also, if you need to speak to someone out of character, make sure you write (OOC) before you type.

    You can sign up for the Control A Superstar thread here!

    All rules are in the above link.

    All current participants are welcomed to begin writing promos in this thread. When we have enough tag teams, I will start a touranment for the WWE Tag Team Championship. I will start some feud in this episode of RAW to help you guys get kicked off, but you are welcomed to begin feuds/alliances etc. below. Results will be posted Monday Night.

    Match 01 - WWE Championship Tournament 1st Round Match
    Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan
    Rhodes vs. Samalan

    Match 02 - Tag Team Match
    Rob Van Dam & Ryback vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Sin Cara
    Forrest & DKJames vs. Suicide & Seabs

    Match 03 - WWE Championship 1st Round Match
    Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose
    Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan vs. Adam568

    Match 04 - Last Man Standing Match
    The Rock vs. Titus O'Niel
    Rhodes vs. Fluttershy Farooq

    Match 05 - 11-Man Battle Royal for the United States Championship
    Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose vs. The Rock vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Ryback vs. Sin Cara vs. Titus O'Niel vs. Yoshi Tatsu
    Rhodes vs. Nick1698 Samalan vs. Adam568 vs. tgill85 vs. NanoRah14 vs. Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan vs. Forrest vs. DKJames vs. Seabs vs. Fluttershy Farooq vs. Suicide
  2. (the rock) if you smell what the rock is cooking!
  3. (OOC) Try posting a longer promo, with a purpose. For example, it could be on how you're going to win the WWE title and no one can stop you, etc. Remember, the better quality the promos, the more likely you are to win the title.
  4. (the rock) finally!... The rock has come back to monday night raw the rock is here to let you know that he is gunna go after the wwe title and he's gunna do it for the million (and millons) of the rocks fans and doesn't care which jebroni ass! He's gotta kick to win it whether it john cena, cm punk or even sin cara the rock doesn't give a damn who there's plenty of room in the smackdown hotel the one thing the rock can guarentee is on monday night raw the night after summerslam the rock will be WWE champion! If you smell... What the rock... Is cooking!
  5. *Ambrose walks out through the crowd by himself, He walks through and jumps the barricade to open RAW, He climbs in the ring and grabs a mic*​
    Ambrose: Dean Ambrose, Luckily for you all my partners couldnt be here. You see, For decades, Idiotic mindless fools have held the WWE title and for years its been called prestigious but in the eyes of The Shield it has been the focal point of the WWE being held by everyone who Vince McMahon thinks can make it in the WWE, But who he thinks can make it isnt who do make it, After years of tarnish and ridicule the WWE title will be coming where it belongs, It will be coming to The Shield, It will be coming where justice thrives! It will be coming where it will be respected and where it will not be cheated off someone! WELCOME BACK TO REALITY! WHERE A TITLE MEANS SOMETHING! We treat titles with prestige and honour because thats what it deserves, NOT BEING HANDED TO PEOPLE WHO ARE BIG GUYS! JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE HANDED SOMETHING DOESNT MAKE YOU GREAT! All of your eyes will soon be open and you will all soon see a true champion, You will all see the justice brought to the title.​
    *AMbrose throws the mic down and leaves*​
  6. OOC: Wheres the matches?
  7. (OOC) Haven't put them up yet, I'm going to wait for a few more people to join, then create the match card.
  8. (the rock) just wait a god damn minitue you leave when the rock says you can leave so dean you talk about justice where was the justice when you cowardly attacked ryback at survivor series then you attacked john cena on raw the you made the biggest mistake of all when you attacked the rock that my friend was biggest mistake of all you and now you think you deserve a shot at the title? No no no no you and your friends deserve nothing you're all just a bunch of pussys
  9. *Ambrose turns around when he hears The Rock's theme, Ambrose listens and leaves*​
  10. Match card posted! Results will be posted Monday night! Remember, the better the promos, the more likely you are to win. Go!
  11. *The crowd boos as Ryback's theme blasts. He walks out on the stage with a grim look on his face and storms down the ramp. He rolls into the ring and demands a mic from ringside. He's handed one and walks to the center of the ring as his music fades but the crowd continues to boo.*​
    Ryback: Tonight is not like any other night. For some strange reason, our GM doesn't seem to want me in the WWE Title tournament tonight. I have an idea on why that is... it's because he's scared. He's scared that I will crush every single one of his precious superstars.​
    *The crowd boos and he pauses*​
    Ryback: SHUT UP! Everyone knows I deserve the WWE Title, not only do I deserve the WWE title, but I deserve the US Title. Which I have my chance for in the battle royal. I will win that battle royal and become the new united states champion. Along with that, I happen to be booked in a petty tag team match where I team up with Rob Van Dam to take on Sin Cara and Yoshi Tatsu. My opponents are simple. I can throw them around like they're nothing, and I could do the same to you Rob... Don't get in my way tonight. Feed... me... more.​
    *He drops the mic as his music plays and the crowd boos. He walks to the back.*​
    OOC: Decided to keep it short since Ryback doesn't talk much.​
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  12. *Rob Van Dam is backstage with Josh Matthews*
    "Hello, WWE Fans! Tonight, You shall witness the return of Mister Monday Night....ROB....VAN....DAM *The crowd says this with RVD* Now, Tonight I have a match with Ryback against Tatsu and Sin Cara, but I also have an opportunity to show my dominance tonight as I will win that Battle royal tonight and Mr.Monday Night will become the United states Champion Because I AM ROB.....VAN.....DAM and I am the whole Dam show!
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  13. *The Shield walk through the crowd, They climb the barricade, They surround the ring and attack Ryback*​
    OOC: SOrry for the sudden attack, Its mean to be WWE so :/​

  14. *Rob Van Dam out onto the stage with a Chair in hand, He Runs down the ramp, heading towards the ring.*
  15. (John Laurinaitis) Mr ... Ryback. My name is Mr. John Laurinaitis and I am the executive vice president of talent relations and general manager of Monday Night RAW. I heard what you said about me. About how I'm scared. Well, I can assure you sir, that I am not scared. In fact, you will get your shot in the WWE Cha - Championship First Round Tern - Tournament. And it will be next week on RAW. Good luck. *Johnny turns around to leave, pauses and turns back.* And you will be facing the South African werewolf, Justin Gabriel! *Crowd pops*

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  16. *Rhodes comes out with his hood on*

    Two matches tonight, not bad. I have a battle royal for the US championship that well...when I look at the contenders, I see nothing but a bunch of losers. And then I have the WWE Title..Against Bryan, the guy who thinks that having a beard like Dumbledore is cooler than having a mustache, a golden mustache, well buddy, you're goona lose tonight. And well, with all that blood that is gonna be in your beard, you might have to shave it. Exactly, tonight you'll bleed. And you will ask for the ref to stop the match. Is the first round. Already a victory
  17. *The Shield run and jump the barricade, They run through the crowd*​
    Jerry Lawler: OH MY! ITS RVD! HES BACK!​

    Lawler: I think RVD has a bone to pick with The Shield!​
    Cole: ANd he jump made them run off little children!​
    OOC: Nice move btw, Sets up a nice little feud. Thought id put you over with Cole and Lawler for that one. Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan can I control all of The Shield until someone takes them? It makes promos and the group better.​
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  18. *RVD Asks for a Microphone and a Nearby official gives him one*
    RVD: Ambrose, Rollins,Reigns! You attack people if they're on their own but when the experienced Veterans like me come out to play, you run away like headless chickens just to avoid getting your ass kicked by Mr.Monday Night! You Want to continue attacking people, carry on but I won't let it carry on because I, The Whole Dam Show, Will stop you ruthless Punks, With Help or On My Own!
    *The crowd cheers for RVD as he climbs onto the turnbuckle and points at the fleeing Shield*
  19. (OOC) Yeah! That's cool
  20. *the rocks music hits and the crowd goes wild woooo*

    (the rock) so the rock is going one on one with titus o'neil tonight in a last man standing match then he faces a bunch of nobodies who ain't fit to go one on one with the great one first up we have dusty... I mean cody rhodes who lets be honest will never be as good has his brother then we have daniel bryan don't get me wrong i like the guy but he is and always will be the weak link of team hell no then we have dean ambrose who is a member of the sheild who i have a lot of respect for they are one of the best groups in recent times they even whipped the rocks arse pretty good recently but to be honest they are just a bunch of cowards then we have ryback *crowd boo* i see the crowd feels the same way i do the guys had multiple chances to become the wwe champion but he has failed every time miserably and finally we have rob van dam which old folks home did vince wheel him out of oh thats right tna the rest of them the rock doesn't give a crap about as the rock is gunna open a can of whoop arse and stick it straight up there candy arses starting with you titus o'neil if you smell what the rock is cooking
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