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  1. Could do with some at the moment. And I mean original shit, not the stuff that's been done to death e.g Death Penalty debate, should animal testing be allowed etc etc. A perfect example is the one a thread the other day gave me about the other side of Hitler, the fact that the guy is an absolute genius and an amazing speaker. Saving that one for later.

    The reason I ask is I've started an essay on whether Christianity should be taught at an early age and I'm bored to death, and I know the end product will be dull as fuck and I hate that. I hate the idea of a marker reading my essay and thinking to themselves 'oh, just another dull ass essay'. Even if I get an A it's still a shit feeling.

    Not exactly an important question or particularly urgent, but is there any decent topics that you guys can think up or have used in the passed?

    Ooh and also quite fancy trying to write a humourous essay one day, however I know they are hard as hell to do with the constraints swearing wise and with it being a formal essay.
  2. Whether or not people with over 3 kids should be allowed to claim benefits for all of them.
    Might be boring to you but I could rant all day about it.

    Too many benefit scroungers thinking the country owes them a living.
  3. [​IMG]

    How about whether or not USA should be Israel's bitch.
  4. It is quite boring to me lol. And anyhoo it's understandable because whether or not they are junkies/lazy people/whatever, they have to be able to accommodate their kids and give them a fair chance in life. Can't just let them starve!
  5. Money goes on booze, fags and drugs.

  6. That's the fault of the people who decide that these guys are fit to look after kids, not the people dishing out the money.

    Agree that unemployed folk living on their own should be forced to at least work for the money they are getting, however child benefit money is totally reasonable and if the parent is not using it correctly then the authorities should step in and make sure the children are being taken care of properly.

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  7. IMO it shouldn't be cash it should be vouchers only spendable in food stores and children departments of stores...
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  8. Can violence be really ruled out in shows? How can you say that something is "not violent" or "violent"?

    That's what I'm typing right now.
  9. Back on one of my other forums, I was apart of a debate league and one of the topics was Hitler - Homicidal Monster or Nice Guy? and I argued Nice Guy and won. That always stuck with me. So when I saw your thread I instantly thought of it and up until this point I thought I could help out. I'm still going to try dammit!

    Granted I don't know what's overused minus the ones you've stated, but how about a pro-bullying essay? How it builds characters, may lead to people getting extra motivated to become a star, etc. Maybe something about whether or not Porn & prostitution should both be legal or illegal, why and why not, and you can explain the reason one is and isn't (another thing I once wrote a ton about on that forum [well, I wrote a one liner than I thought someone who praised it was being sarcastic when he wasn't and I made an ass out of myself by elaborating], not in the debate league though).

    Those two are all I got right now.
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  10. Who is this guy? I like him.
  11. I told my cousin to write an essay on Catholic Schools vs Christian schools... She goes "What's the difference!? Thats like the same thing!"... She ended up writing it and getting an A+. This was for a college paper.
  12. The bullying one is absolutely PERFECT. Just what I was hoping for when I asked the question.


    I'm intriqued(sp) as to how this one managed to get an A - must have been one hella good piece. I worry that if I were to write the same thing I'd come across as ignorant and a bit offensive tbh :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. She went to a party college so I don't think they expected to much from certain people.. lol

    Do one on welfare. Like the people who get it and drive around brand new cars, have the latest cell phones and wear expensive clothing... yet live in the ghetto and can't support their children. That's our tax dollars America!
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