convert any sportsman/celeb into a wrestler

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  1. if you could convert any celeb or sportsman into a wwe superstar who would you pick and why?

    My top 3 are
    1 muhammed ali the man breaths charisma could see him being an atg his promos would be epic

    2 charlie sheen - its charlie sheen do i need to say anymore

    3 vinnie jones - would be a good phycho who takes on everyone

    Special mention
    Chuck norris
    Liam neeson
    Mike tyson
  2. Ray Lewis. He would have been GOAT if he was.
  3. Muhammad Ali would have been a great choice. I never was a fan of boxing but he was pretty charismatic and had a great look and talked a lot of trash and played wonderful mind games with his opponents.

    Clint Eastwood from the 60's/70's - imagine him with that badass beard from The Man With No Name movies. He would often play his roles with just his facial expressions alone and say only a few words at a time (but would often own people with those words.) Would have been a great persona in wrestling.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is an obvious choice. He had the jacked up look that WWF/E (or anyone) would have loved to have and market. Just look at the front of the awesome Terminator 2 poster with him wearing the glasses and stuff. Would have been a great poster for a wrestling PPV (or t-shirt), minus the shotgun and motorcycle, of course.

    Bruce Campbell. Just go watch the Evil Dead movies, namely the second and third. His personality really comes to life in the third film, Army Of Darkness.

    Madonna and Lady Gaga would have been great female/diva personas in wrestling. Especially Gaga's eccentric personality.
  4. Ron Artest, a great brawler. Joey Barton, an annoying heel, Johan Cruyff, probably a great announcer.
  5. Lance Armstrong would be a great wrestler, but I'm guessing BLFFL will accuse him of using steroids. :isee:
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  6. Bruce Willis
  7. Arnie, Sly, and Gattuso :otunga:
  8. Arnold, Terry Crews, Chris Hemsworth, Sly
  9. Axl Rose vs Stone Cold.
    The promos!
  10. roy keane p viera razor ruddock


    klitschko bros david haye
  11. Clay Matthews! I think he could be a good wrestler since he already does MMA as a part of his offseason regimen to stay in shape.
  12. Tom Daley imagine the high flying ability.
  13. John C. McGinley. Imagine all the glorious Dr. Cox-esque promos.
  14. Jim Carrey.
    Nuf said.
  15. LeBron James.... As the Wwe champion. This dude is a freak of nature. Size, strength, speed, balance and a hard work ethic and desire to be the best.

    The honey badger, Tyrann Matheu. Plays football with a reckless abandon and a knack for being around the ball. Think he could work.... If the wwe loosens up on their abuse policy, dude is a absolute knucklehead.

    Rex Ryan.... Charisma. Could be a great Paul Heyman type of guy.

    Morgan Freeman.... As GM of raw and smackdown. Its Morgan freaking Freeman!

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  16. alan sugar in a vince mcmahon role
  17. Larry David.

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