Convince me wrestling is Real

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 18, 2014.

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  1. This is weak. Get your own gimmick. :meh:
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    Also, thank you Tit Factor. Set the bar so low, even I can't close this pointless thread without it being biased. :henry:
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  3. Can I introduce you to Antonio Inoki?
  4. Isn't he the guy that "fought" Ali in an "MMA match" in the early 80s?
  5. He runs an entire promotion based on turning wrestling into a legit martial art. He hires MMA fighters and teaches them wrassling, then sends them out to Shoot fight. Like half the card is regular wrestling, other half are shoots from what I understand
  6. Sounds retarded, why not just run an MMA org?

    btw i was right

  7. I managed to find that match on youtube. It was laughable.

    And why he doesn't run MMA instead: He believes wrestling to be superior.
  8. I just don't see the appeal of a half ass shoot half ass wrestling match. Do one or the other
  9. I agree. Inoki's always had his head up his own ass. Take the Ali fight for example. He brought in legit athletes to "beat" to build his own rep as the greatest martial artists out there.
  10. Sounds like WWE bringing in guys like Dan Severn and BUtterbean lol.

    what's the point
  11. Probably ego.
  12. If you want to bring in "legit athletes" just have a purpose for them. Shamrock made it work.

    edit: Im also counting the hours until Chael gets into pro wrestling
  13. Some guys have made it work. Barnett got over in New Japan in the mid 00's. A lot of the Japanese wrestlers have legit martial arts or athletic backgrounds so you see the odd "hybrid rules" match here and there. Minoru Suzuki who founded Pancrase alongside the Shamrocks is one of the hottest freelancers in Japan and he is just fantastic.

    But yeah, if you want to bring in a legit fighter/athlete, have a plan. New Japan seems to have a plan right now. They had Kazuchi "Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba feuded with the Gracies recently. Not the greatest of programs but it worked.
  14. Japan is all about intermixing MMA guys into pro wrestling. Half the Japanese dudes who competed in PRIDE were pro wrestlers. Hell the guy who main evented Pride twice vs Rickson Gracie (Takada) was nothing more than a pro wrestler
  15. I am quite impressed this thread has an actual discussion going on.
  16. Tbf, Greco-Roman wrestling is real.

    IF we talk about sports entertainment. Then no, I cannot convince you its real.

    Can I convince you that teasing @IT Factor will lead him to drink bleach, unless that's your aim~
  17. it won't tho. bleach is nasty
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  18. I only roast the ones I love
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