Cook Fish? Hook it up with some recipes.

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  1. Hey all I know we got some people who know to cook and some people who are into finish, well I just figured out how to cook the fish however it's very bland seeing as I only see it with a light garlic power and then a touch of lemon juice.

    So basically what I'm asking is if you have any recipes for fish that are right around 250-300 calories per serving. I get Cod, Tilapia and Salmon filets for cheaper (due to a friend's discout) so mostly I'm looking for recipes involving those.

    Also I'm using a very light amount of vegetable oil as the oil to saute it in a pan but I'm curious to know if there's any healthier alternatives to that.

    Extra) In addition to fish I'm trying to figure out how to cook an eggwhite omelette and I just can't get it down so any tips in that will be mucho appreciated!
  2. What exactly are your troubles with the egg white omelet?
  3. Getting the yolk out of the egg to only leave the eggwhite remaining (not trying to by the prepared egg white stuff) and then getting it to cook properly not sure what it is supposed to look like because the only time I had it was like 5 years ago at Graduation brunch for High School haha.
  4. First buy this for $3.. Click here

    Second... cook them the same way you would normally cook an egg... they are just a little lighter because of, of course, the lack of yolk.. if you know how to properly cook eggs you will have zero problems.
  5. I know how to cook them pretty well I mean they are eggs; nearly impossible to fuck up haha.
    Probably have a bit more trouble with knowing when to flip it.. would the best strategy be like taking the spatula and running it around the edges and lifting up slightly to see if it breaks apart/is cooked enough to flip.
  6. a waterbottle works at least as effectively, and is also great for egg storage.

    Mostly thyme lemons and generic salt/pepper for anything seafood-wise is best case. Get anything/everything fresh and cool until it is the color you want. Don't buy tilapia from overseas, shrimp isnt as good for you as you think, and frozen pollock filets or cod are really a lot more affordable frozen and that out very quality.

    I say this having worked for a compuoy that had fresh flight fish daily for 2 years. From alaska/boston/the gulf to your table in less than 36 hours.
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  7. Yep... if heat is distributed evenly in the pan you should be able to check the outer edges.. if they are stable/cooked enough then the rest of the egg should be as well.

    What kind of omelette are you planning on making? This is making me hungry now. lol
  8. when you cook an egg the easiest way is pan until you want to flip, then 5-10 mins in the oven at 350, and steaming (put ice cubes when cooking on the stove) is a really affordable way to let the food speak for itself. Peanut or grape oil are expensive but you need a spoonful max for each meal
  9. The tilapia is domestic in the US, but I mostly go with CoD and Tilapia, regardless this is some good information.
    Thanks guys, I'll welcome any more fish meal recipes.
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  10. Ham,Mushroom,Green Peppers, cut cheese as a part of my diet otherwise I would've thrown that in there.
  11. not all tilapia is, and some mislable pacakages due to a town in japan/korea/somewhere asian called usa.

    The reason i say it is because it's where monster chicken comes from, and they do levels for cooking. So the chickens eat food scraps, poop through the gate, and the tilapia eat it to grow. Alaskan cod is amazing, and pollock from the USA is best case, not sure how it works for eurofags tbh, just saying we had a serious quality issue with pre-frozen tilapia.

    It's the same deal with senhor's canadian salmon, they are artificially put in pink dye because (like alaskan salmon is seasonal) the reason for the color has something to do with spawning. Eating it is fine, but it's really cheap for a reason.
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  12. Alaskan Cod is my fish cut of choice, that's the one I get the best deal on, because my friend works at a fish market; yeah most of this stuff gets shipped over within the day from catching it in the morning of so I'm decently confident in the quality, it is a pretty high end fish market too :emoji_slight_smile: I'll definitely look out for what you're telling me too though because I have purchased a few pre-packaged frozen cuts so I would like to be aware of that.
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  13. yeah i snagged a bag of tilapia on sale for 3$ and was told by my butcher at work not to touch it.

    Hit us up with some recipes as you advance your cooking please, i don't cook seafood well tbh.
  14. Will do man, I hired a nutrition cook for a few two hour sessions starting this past Tuesday until two weeks from there. I believe she's teaching me all sorts of meals that I can make.
  15. I would help out with the seafood stuff but I despise it... I never learned how to cook it because I don't eat it lol
  16. Yeah I mean I was a red meat kinda guy but I'm trying to do some damage control on perhaps something I may have caused over the majority part of the last 8 years.

    Now I stick to Chicken, Turkey, Fish :/ Not a bad switchover though, I was born by the East Coast so I mean I've always enjoyed seafood, it's just I wish we got some dank quality here in Ohio that I did over there being able to get fish that was caught and prepared that morning haha.
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  17. I'm into finish. :troll:

    Sorry, I had to. :woo1:

    You have to be careful eating tilapia. That fish is known to have high counts of mercury.
  18. I believe that was just a quality control situation in frozen Tilapia over the last year coming from China.
    Tilapia and Salmon are in the same low-mercury category along with shrimp and oysters.
  19. Yeah you're probably right. I don't eat fish too often lol
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  20. Haha I'll look it up at some point before I continue to be sure, good to be vocal against it though even if you're unsure yourself, double checking facts like this isn't a bad thing by any means.

    I didn't used to eat it a lot, but now it accounts for 1 of my 5 meals (tried to split into 6 but due to time restraints I could really only manage 5) 3 days a week. I myself don't know much about it but mercury levels I believe are one thing I looked into haha.
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