Coolest thing you have seen in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. That was badass!

  2. Seeing this as a 6 year old was seriously cool.
  3. Didn't he jump off the big "W" in the WWE? Nice find though, pretty extreme.
  4. God... I fucking hated Umaga.
  5. Do you not look back and think "God I miss him?" though? The most agile monster in history.
  6. He would demolish everyone with that thumb to the throat.

    Good thing I never ran into him when he would go rambo mode.

    RIP. Miss you umaga!
  7. Umaga was a phenomenal athlete anyway so for a man his size it was amazing.
  8. For a man Lashleys size, he was amazing lol.
  9. Lashley was probably the closest to Lesnar they've had.
  10. He's rumoured to want to come back too.
  11. Lashley ? I guess his MMA career didn't turn out as well as he'd hoped.
  12. Must not of. He's said it on video aswell I think, can't remember. But I'd love to see a Lashley return. How old now?
  13. No, but in the WWE, he was one bad mofo. He beay everybody pretty much, even Taker.
  14. He's 35 so he could come back no problem would love to see him vs Lesnar.
  15. Holy crap that'd be epic.
  16. Lashley - Ex Marine VS Lesnar - current MMA... My money would be on Lashley most likely, but that would be epic.
  17. Lesnar :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Retired from UFC btw. So not currently MMA.
  18. Was retired, but he came back in the last UFC PPV to take on some other guy. I think it was Valasquez, but it might have been a different guy.
  19. Nope he retired after the ovreem fight which was last week. He had an illness before the fight with Cain but never retired.
  20. Put me and Kurt angle with those two and it would be the most athletic and best match you will ever feast your eyes on.