Coolest wrestling merch you own?

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  1. El Generico mask, yep, I'm that bad at managing money.
  2. I bought a Steen t-shirt which will keep me hip amongst the IWC. I also have a Dolph Ziggler one (the Pink wife beater one).
  3. Hipster purely for the Steen tee.
  4. A Undertaker shirt from a live show couple years ago.
  5. Speaking of shirts: Michael Elgin is releasing one and it looks awesome [​IMG]
  6. John Cena hoodie my grandmother got me when I was 10 because he's the champ! <3
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  7. The champ is here!!
  8. You Can't see me.
    Inside of Oval's Head: Ali Dia Can See All!
  9. Agreed bbe.
  10. I know you too well, I'm still getting a restraining order on you and Dia though.
    Back to the subject: I found a Box of Wrestling VHS, Wrestlemania's from 2004/2005 and PPVs from 2004 recorded on VHS.
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  11. Just a bunch of shirts. Daniel Bryan "NO" shirt, CM Punk yellow BITW shirt, Rhodes to the future shirt, Paul Heyman guy shirt.
  12. I have no WWE merch. I have nothing related to the wwe, well my wallpaper is Rhodes with the IC belt but that's it
  13. I think my APA Bar & Brothel shirt is the coolest. People always assume that it's a bar shirt, not a wrestling shirt.
  14. I own Taz's teflon dishes.
  15. The front could use a redesign to be honest.

    Don't own any merch, holding off until I get a job. Then I am pampering myself with some Young bucks:
    Show Spoiler

  16. Besides my shirts, getting the first 20 WM's in an Anthology is pretty sweet too.Not only that, having Valentine's and X-Pac signatures from two Indy events is pretty sweet as well.Just need Flair and Punk's and life is complete lol.
  17. Just a bunch of DVDs,but, I wanna get Booby Roode's selfish generation shirt and Johnny Gargano's all heart shirt.
  18. My first ever VHS Royal Rumble 1994. Will keep it forever.
  19. I have a steen shirt, a gentleman's club one too.
  20. [​IMG]
    Yes it's signed

    Yes I win this thread.
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