TV Cops/WCPV/Jail Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Roadster, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. Let's discuss Cops on here.
  2. That'll work. Woo, commercial break!
  3. Let's watch Mexican's getting caught for no reason again.
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  4. Maybe we'll get lucky and this will be an African American.
  5. "Pardner" ... really? Did he just call him "pardner"? :lol1:
  6. It seemed so force, lol.
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  7. Holy crap I think it's a white dude! :blackshock:
  8. Steve Erwin Jr.
  9. "You're a big guy." ... if he goes to jail he'll be hearing that a lot. :ksi:
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  10. Fucking druggies.
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  11. Druggies are so unattractive.

    Yay, dog! :yay:
  12. Always a Crown Royal bag, I swear. :lol1:
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  13. Goddamn bong smoker.
  14. Guys not remembering chicks' names, and that's suppose to be a shock? :haha:

    And sheesh that dude's got a hairy chest.
  15. Oh man he's crying :sad:
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  16. Big druggie dudes ought never to cry. :sad:

    Why the hell is my sig pic so tiny? Fucking forum changes.
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  17. Andy Polas, Portlandia.
  18. Love how he promotes it as such a great area to live in right before answering a street fight call. :haha:
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