Corey Graves and his potential as a character

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    Anyone who has been watching NXT for the last couple of months has seen Corey Graves on their screen at least once. Graves is the tattooed guy with the punk(ish) hairstyle and submission based style (Go away CM Punk you're not on NXT). Graves has for the last couple of months been working a "anarchy on NXT angle" were he is mad against the company and GM Dusty Rhodes for being screwed out of his rematch for the NXT title after the Shield attacked him during his match as well as being left out of the tag title tournament. Recently this has led to matches with Conor O'Brien and Bo Dallas for number 1 contendership for Big E's gold belt. O'Brien walked out of this the winner. So where does this leave Corey?

    One would assume that Bo and Big E will soon be taken off the show completely and instead only be on the main roster. This will leave Corey, Conor, Kassius and Bray as the "big guys" on the show for the main event scene at least initially. This opens up a couple of options for how Corey's character can go. Let's point out some facts on him.

    He is a submission specialist, using a knee lock as his finisher, thus most of his ring style is based on targeting and working on limbs to set up his submissions. He does this just fine in my opinion, being methodical and psychological in his offence serves him well.

    He has a light build, meaning we won't see so many power moves from him.

    He's a good talker. Being very fluid on the microphone.

    He is working a gimmick that can be taken either way, face or heel. He's the anti establishment punk rocker with relatively pretty looks.

    So here comes the discussion:

    How would you book Graves after Big e and B leaves? (Likely after mania)? What role will he play on the NXT card?

    Personally I'd consider turning him face. The NXT roster needs more faces in the main event scene, especially with Bo and Big E going main roster. Ohno might turn but that won't be until after he is done with Regal. That leaves no credible face challengers for either Bray or Conor (most likely Conor). Corey's looks, voice and build speaks for him being either a cocky arrogant heel (which he has been playing with the punk rocker aggression added on for a twist) or a punk rock babyface. He can play the underdog to both Conor and Big E who outrank him massively when it comes to build. He doesn't have to take the belt off of either but he can be there as a challenger, never giving up and perhaps even going against Dusty's orders of not challenging the champion (to keep the anti authority angle going).

    Yeah I think Corey as a face could work out. Either that or put him in a feud with some other face on the card to keep him relevant outside of title contention. There he can come out on top but help introduce a new wrestler to the show.

    Discuss. What do you see for Corey going forward?
  2. The guy could be a big star, he's good looking enough to marketable to the girls but has that tinge of badass to him which makes him possible to promote to the men and kids. He's similar to Orton in that regard. I like him.
  3. This lad is the geordie, isn't he?
  4. lol no.

    This is the Geordie.
  5. Shows how much I watch NXT :otunga:
  6. PAC aka Adrian Neville
  7. I know fully well who PAC is thank you very much :otunga: I've been following him for a while.
  8. Pac has a hideous accent.
  9. :mad2: don't lie bro, you've never seen anything but Brock Lesnar vs John Cena.
  10. I saw when they did the thing off the thing...
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  11. I like the dude's look.

    Build is small but it fits his in-ring style.
    Tbh, I see potential for him, and I hope he'll do well in NXT, but I hope we won't have to wait too long to see him on a big show.
  12. Anti-establishment face sounds good. This "feud" between him and Dusty could take a step forward as well.
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