Corey Graves Done With Wrestling?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by THG?, Jun 29, 2014.

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  1. Damn shame his wrestling career may be over. He's been ready for the main roster for quite a while but WWE always seem to not capitalize on the best time to call him up, shame the injuries have slowed down his progress too. I just find it weird how Ziggler has had two concussions yet he can still wrestle, but Corey can't?

    I don't know if this is fully true, but if it is, good luck to Corey in whatever the WWE decide for him to do. Manager maybe?
  2. Well, too bad. I never saw him as a main event talent or anything like that but he's alright. Concussions are indeed a problem.
  3. I liked him, shame his in ring career may be over but I hope he does is alright and goes on to have a successful career regardless.
  4. Not to be combative but I never saw anything special in him. Just a poor homage to punk IMO. Hopefully he recovers well and has good luck in his future endeavours.
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  5. There are differing levels of concussions. No two concussions are really exactly the same. Not everyone reacts the same to them either. I would give you a better explanation, but honestly not sure if one even exists. The experts of the field still don't know exactly how brains and concussions work so I won't pretend to, but yea, guys careers could be over from one concussion or you could suffer through 20 mild concussions and maybe never even be diagnosed with one.

    It is all very different and has to be taken in a case by case basis. They can't even tell you when you have recovered from a concussion, they can only try to guess by using the symptoms ie light sensitivity, headaches, ect.
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  6. It's a crapshoot basically.
  7. While I feel sorry for the guy I find this to be excellent news! Never liked Corey Graves
  8. lol dick
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  9. What in the actual fuck?! He's done, like for real? NO! NO! NO! That sucks.

    So, if this turns out to be true... and if WWE puts him as a commentator or whatever... and if he's ever able get back in action... I'd love to see something like when JBL kicked Y2J in the head during his match against Orton at Armageddon back in 2007. That would be rad, but too good to be true, I guess.
  10. It's a good call. WWE has to police injuries somehow and this seems the most logical bet.
    Working a concussed talent seems like cruelty. The only reason Ziggler is still working is because WWE hates him anyways

    I'm kidding on the last part (am I?), but I imagine something in Ziggler tests suggests he's good to job.
  11. Corey Graves' underground/hedonistic gimmick was good, I feel bad for him and really don't think he's had enough exposure to make a dent as far as any off air performances go :/

    Safety/Health/Well-being should always come first though IMO

    Personally I hope he still makes occasional appearances, especially working at least one NXT special :emoji_slight_frown:..
  12. If this is the actual case, it's really too bad for him. I hate it when somebody has to quit doing what they love because of an injury or otherwise being forced away from it.

    I hope he's still able to do something he really enjoys with his life.

  13. No, he can't be done! He's my favorite in NXT and very entertaining to watch in the ring. This is very sad news :upset:
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  14. LMFAO someone give this guy a friendly award.
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  15. He could always get a job at Wal-Mart.
    What washed-up ex-wrestler doesn't end up working at Wal-Mart.
    Then again, if Kurt Angle is doing moonsaults off steel cages in TNA, maybe Graves can sign there.
    In fact, before the ink dries have Graves wrestle in a football helmet on a pole match to show TNA cares
  16. Hard to believe that the most cautionary thing we had back in the day for concussion was "Not falling asleep"
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  17. He's worked as a producer at live events since this. So that's probably where he'll end up. And then maybe in a trainer role once his own class starts being phased out.
  18. As long as he can stay in wresting in some form, I'm sure he'll be happy. Sucks that he won't be in ring though.
  19. Hell. He will probably get paid more out of the ring than in it.
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  20. Smart post. Very impressive.
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