News Corey Graves Retires

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roadster, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. - WWE NXT star Corey Graves announced on the NXT Takeover Pre-Show tonight that he is retiring from in-ring action due to health issues after suffering multiple concussions.

    He then went on to say that he will now be an announcer for NXT and went on to call the Takeover event.

  2. Awww hell naww... :sad1:

    Just watched the pre-show and heard the news. No, just no! :damn:

    But there's kinda an upside to it, he'll be on the announcing team, so at least he won't be gone from WWE.
  3. Well, it's sad for sure, but I didn't think he was that good.
  4. Still better than Reigns and Cena :heenan:
  5. Well, not really. :dawg:
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  6. You're right, Reigns and Cena are the best. :happy:
  7. Well, Graves was pretty average imo. He never blew me away with his promos, and granted he had some good matches, but I never thought much of him in particular as a worker. Plus his character was meh. If we ignore looks and all that he may be better than Reigns, but he's not a better wrestler than Cena.
  8. I smell sarcasm here:adr:
  9. Nah, I'm serious. I mean, obviously, Cena as a character is terrible, most of his promos come off corny, but he is able to cut a great promo. He has done it before. Plus, Cena, over the years, has wrestled in lots of great matches. Corey was bland and yeah, had a good match with Neville here and there and stuff, but he never blew me away.
  10. Oh, well... I don't like Cena, nor Reigns.

    Not saying Graves is the best wrestler out there, I just prefer him over Cena and little Cena 2.0

    As far as Cena's matches go, yeah, he can put on a good match, but that doesn't happen very often. Personally, I think his match with Rollins at TLC is gonna be good.
  11. Well, I think you're letting their booking affect your opinion on them. Granted, obviously it affects everyone and it should, but I think if you just look at how good they are, Cena beats Graves, and if we leave looks aside Graves is better than Reigns. But anyway.
  12. Cena beats Graves? That'd be good to see, but I guess it's out of the window now.

    Man, I used to love Cena as a heel. I just hate the WWE for limiting the guys and micromanaging everything.
  13. I agree.
  14. CM punk light is gone, couldn't care less.
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  15. One night in and he's already far better on commentary than he was in the ring. And better than Riley.
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  16. I wish the best for Graves, he knows the business well and he can call shit well.. not opposed to his announcement career at all.
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  17. Agreed. He's still better than Riley, Albert, Renee and Byron (even though he hasn't been on there a while, but nonetheless). Byron just tries too hard at being this JBL rip-off, but fails miserably.
  18. My sentiments exactly. Maybe he should've taken his own knuckles' advice. :razer:
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  19. And I quote @Indy :

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  20. In fairness, it's not exactly difficult to be better than Riley. He was terrible on R Evolution.

    It's a shame he had to retire, but I was never particularly that impressed by him.
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