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WWE announced they were launching their own podcast network a couple months ago, and we now know when the first show will hit your favorite app - and a little bit about it.

After The Bell will be hosted by Corey Graves, and the first episode of the SmackDown announcer’s show will be hitting our earbuds on Weds., Oct. 30. The press release promises the podcast will offer us “an edgy and unpredictable look at the latest in Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT.”

courtesy WWE

You can listen to a trailer here.

In that minute long audio clip, Graves explains a little bit more about the ATB concept:

“Each week, I’m gonna be recapping all the latest action across the WWE Universe. Interviewing the most newsworthy Superstars [audio teasing Carmella, Xavier Woods and Roderick Strong is played], offering a few opinions [a clip of Corey praising Kofi Kingston’s WWE title reign runs], and getting some answers to whatever hot rumor you’re complaining today [we hear Graves saying he didn’t name Chad Gable “Shorty”]...

[Woods asks what kind of show this is] I’m gonna toe the line until I get slapped across the wrists or outright fired. It’s the only podcast to feature a full line-up of WWE Superstars each and every week where I’ll be getting their real, honest reactions to what went down on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT. No filter here, pal.”
So it sounds like a similar concept to the pay-per-view Watch Along streams and FS1’s WWE Backstage. Whether it’s your cuppa will probably depend on your affinity for or ability to tolerate the Savior of Misbehavior.

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