News Cornette talks Lesnar and Cena in OVW

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  1. Cena:


    Interesting things to listen to.
  2. damn, g2g to work but I'd love to hear what he says about Brock.
  3. Jock bully was the basics. Big college athlete, attitude. Was supposed to be a babyface but got booed for being a bit of a prick.
    Also he did some things to Cornette's wife that made Cornette threaten to shoot him.

    Well worth the listen.
  4. I listen to this before. he rips Brock.....Def a must listen. Some things never change with Brock....
    The gun story is pretty funny...
  5. damn I thought he was commenting on his current WWE run
  6. On that he just said "I was right, dude didn't care about the business and is doing it for the money". That's Cornette's opinion without going too deep.
  7. The idea that every wrestler should have some deep seeded love for the industry is bullshit. what is wrong with doing your job for the money? it's why I've done every job I've ever had.
  8. Im here to defend my man Brock on what Jim has said Brock was young back then and in a new environment he was messing around he meant no harm he isnt a bully. Todays Brock is alot more mature he is married and has 3 kids and he handles himself alot better.
  9. Cornette is talking rubbish about Cena

    Cena friverlous promos and vacous workrate have ruined WWE for the smarter fan. Orton should have been the main man.
  10. sounds like Cornette is just pissed Brock squeezed his wife's newly pierced cooch

    also fuck Cornette's wannabe hardass schtick. Yea buddy, you'll shoot him. Good call. Good call Jim :cornette-55:

    @Jim COrnette fuck your fat wife. faggot
  11. Yeah I don't get this either, especially when it's fans who bring this up or bitch about it. If he's being entertaining and doing his job why the fuck should it matter?