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  1. What's your view on Corporal Punishment in school (Beating kids in school) worldwide and domestically in your country?
  2. Depends on the teacher, reasons, and how far it goes.

    I'd rather parents could discipline their children without it getting out of hand. I definitely got the taste slapped out a few times in my life, and I deserved it. Punishment in school is a secondary problem to shit parents in the home. Too many breeders and not enough teachers.
  3. I am fully against hitting kids, so...no, teachers shouldn't. I feel that there are better ways to discipline your kids than hitting them.

    inb4 "my parents hit me and I just turned out just fine"
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  4. I won't use that argument, every situation is different. I don't think teachers should ever need to, but my point was that the real teaching should happen at home.
  5. No. Absolutely not.
  6. No. A teacher should never be allowed to hit a student.
    Should a teacher be able to break up a fight between students without being accused of hitting said students? Yes. But a teacher shouldn't be allowed to lay his or her hands on a student.
  7. Fuck no, that's ridiculous. I don't even think Parents should spank their kids, but it is still understandable, seeing as they are the parents and are full-time responsible for the kid's well-being.

    To have a total stranger slap you? That's humiliating beyond belief, and no one should have that as punishment. Humbling someone through violence is just cowardice, that's not the way society works, and what is school, and the whole point of school is to make the children ready to become a full citzen on a functional civilization
  8. After doing some research, no parent or teacher can be sentenced to prison in the United States for Corporal Punishment because it is deemed Unconstitutional.
  9. Not sure how your laws work over there, but if physical punishment is against the constitution, doesn't it means that you're penalized for it?
  10. It's unconstitutional to sentence a teacher/parent to prison for beating a kid in case of punishment. Corporal Punishment isn't a federal law, it's based on the state and it's laws.
  11. So...is there a fine? No punishment at all? Or does each state has its own view on it?
  12. Absolutely not! They're there to teach, not to take on the roll as a parent.

    If it were in another case of one student viciously assaulting another student then i would say use force to remove the student that is attacking, but never to use that force as an act of punishment.
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  13. I think hitting kids is a pretty asinine form of punishment. You are teaching them violence is the way to solve problems. You wouldn't go around slugging adults, why the fuck should defenseless children be subjected to violent punishment? Why are children the only thing in the world we are allowed to hit? Stop and think about that. I can't hit my dog, that is animal abuse. I can't punch a dude in the mouth that calls my girlfriend a slut, I'll be charged with assault. But if my kid won't eat his vegetables and is crying for ice cream I can take off my belt and beat that little fuckers ass just because it is somehow socially acceptable.

    Spanking kids = crutch for shitty parents. Any halfway decent adult should be able to get through to a kid to teach them right from wrong without coming down to physical violence. I've got no evidence to back this up but spanking just fits right in line in this country with all of the violence. Why are we so fucking violent as a nation? Idk, but slapping our kids around can't help.

    and that is parents. Should a teacher or principal be hitting kids? get the fuck out of course not.
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  14. There's a whole debate here in Brazil about that. The entire right and left wings are debating over the new "spanking law" that prohibits adults from hitting their kids on the penalty of even loss of parenthood. People are calling it a way of putting "Parentes against children to impose dissetion", pretty fucking moronic if you ask me
  15. Fuck no, teachers should not be allowed to use violence on kids that aren't even their's.

    As for the ethics of the parents themselves using spanking as a form of discipline, I don't really advocate it but I'm not completely against it either. It's not without it's benefits and I doubt anyone turned out worse for the wear just because they got smacked across the ass-cheeks with a belt or something a few times. Something about allowing a stranger to do it to you just strikes me as wrong, though. That's something that should be left up to the parents.

    Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure a biologist (or a number of them) once said that spanking has actually been observed among chimpanzees in nature, which supports the notion that it's an instinctive parental trait and not just something adopted and agreed upon by society as an acceptable form of punishment.
  16. That's not their child, nor their job. They are there to teach, if the child gets out of hand then either sit down and talk about it or contact the parents. Whatever the parents decide to do, that's their business and off the subject in my opinion. There is no reason a teacher should strike a kid, unless it's a situation where a kid has a weapon that is able to kill them or something unorthodox like that. Anything of the normal that isn't life threatening, then no.
  17. So that is the benchmark for if something is acceptable or not, if it is done in nature? You know there are thousands of gruesome examples of things happening in nature that would never be socially acceptable for humans to do.

    If a zebra comes across a pregnant female they will rape her until she aborts the pregnancy. Actually infantcide is very common in the animal world. So if I come across a chick that is pregnant I'll just rape her until the baby dies because, well, it is natural and instinctive.
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  18. Teachers being able to hit kids is one of the most retarded ideas ever. lel
  19. It was actually a thing at my elementary school. The principal had a wooden ore that was sawed down and had holes drilled in it. Now, I only heard of a couple of kids getting whooped and they had to get written consent from the parents first, but still, that was the 90s. Shit is fucked up.
  20. That was allowed in the 90s? dayum.
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