Corporate Daniel Bryan?[Contains Spoilers]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Kassius HoHo, Jul 30, 2013.

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    It seems the McMahon does it again, as I heard last night Stephanie putting the idea of, why not give Daniel Bryan a Corporate make over? So next week, the McMahon/Helmsley will try to change one of their biggest stars like they tried in Austin so many years ago, and how did that turn out? Austin ripping up a nice suit, and punching Vince in his grapefruits, but seeing on how Daniel Bryan is being the ultimate underdog. It makes me wonder if this is a plan all along?Let me explain, next week I see Daniel Bryan being threatened to shave his beard, wear a suit, say more than one word than yes or no, to act like the Champion they want for their Company.Daniel Bryan rips up the suit and screams out pissing off Vince even more going into Summerslam.Now I thought would WWE be willing for D-Bry to go heel, with him screwing over Cena out of no where, hugging Vince and getting in good spirits with Stephanie, but maybe not Triple H? Remember the Rock was soaring and soaring leading to his heel turn in the finals of the deadly games tournament for the WWE Championship, and no one saw that coming.With every second I see the McMahons on TV, makes me wonder will we see some shady business in that match? Now seeing Daniel Bryan as a heel, corporate like..would be interesting to see.Maybe the 5 count spot would come back, and D-Bry telling the fans, I suckered hold this.This would make him a mega star, not only joining up with Stephanie and Vince, but turning heel on Cena, after he is sticking up for him on TV, you just raised the importance of the matches with the WWE Championship on the line.So what you guys think, Daniel Bryan suckering us in?​

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  2. I'd mark. Good idea.
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  3. I'd prefer if Bryan stays face.
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  4. Corporate Daniel would be interesting since I think it would be just the version of Daniel that his fans don't really want. I think most would want him to be the guy going against Vince, to play off of the idea that Vince doesn't like the kind of guys Daniel represents.
  5. I think it's going to be orton that turns at s.s. But a bryan or an even more shockingly cena turn would be better.
  6. It's a good way to go in a different scenario, but not right now. DB is really over as a face so I really don't think they should turn him right now. I think it'll be gold because the Corporate Makeover will be sort of like Austin (with it not actually going through), but I really doubt we'll get Corporate DB for now.
  7. The idea of him daring to go against the McMahons wanting to change him and mold him into something that better fits their Corporate image of what a champion and superstar should be is more interesting IMO.
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