Cosmic Wasteland

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Meet the newest jabroni squad. They just lost their first match on Superstars. lol

    Honestly, it's a shame these three have become get-nowhere superstars.
  2. What did Cody do wrong? Why is WWE just killing him? :damnn:
  3. Because they've got nothing meaningful for him. :downer:

    Still hoping they turn him to Cody Rhodes soon, though.
  4. Jobbers gotta job bro.
  5. Gotta say that silver face-paint and black cape does look pretty awesome on Cody.

    I don't get why people want the old Cody Rhodes back. It's not like reverting back to his normal self will automatically shoot him up the card or anything. At least this way he feels like he has something resembling a character instead of just being his usual bland self.
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  6. They should give Neville more backup now, maybe Lucha Dragons and then bring back Stephen Amell for a future match. I really like the idea of giving The Ascension as backup to Cody, he gets more numbers and keeps the storyline going, The Ascension get to do something worth a damn and they can build up to a 4 v 4 Survivor Series match eventually:

    Stardust, The Ascension, The Miz vs Neville, Lucha Dragons, Amell

    In fact, WWE can build up to like 3 big Survivor Series matches this year IMO (Authority vs Bryan/Sting, Stardust vs Neville, Reigns vs Wyatt), they better not fuck this up.
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  7. Don't get your hopes up, buddy. Cosmic Wasteland is here to job.
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  8. Cody Rhodes as Stardust isn't interesting. It's an unoriginal spin on Goldust's original gimmick. Instead of an interest in men, he's interested in space, stars, dimensions and shit. He has the theme song going for him, at least.
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  9. Hmmm, I don't really know what to say about this stable but maybe it can potential? If the Acension begins looking like Stardust then it'll fit in and the mind games have to be turned up high. Then that'll bring them into the main circle. Right now I don't see nothing with how the Acension has been since their debut.
  10. And normal, bland Cody Rhodes is any better how?
  11. lol they can make something meaningful for any superstar if they want to do so. They're deliberately not pushing him.
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  12. Is that a bad thing though? Honestly WWE needs jobbers and I personally LOVE stardust's villain schtick. IF he wins a big one ever, it will be short lived.

    Keep stardust around WWE, just give him a feud I can get interested in for once.
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  13. It's a bad thing when it comes down to the folks I like. And I like Stardust, I used to like The Ascension, too (when they were in NXT).

    It's well-noticed Stardust is into his character, I just feel like it's ran its course. He's become a get-nowhere superstar. (Read: R Truth)
    If they reversed him back to Cody Rhodes, he'd perhaps win championships (US/IC). But that's just wishful thinking.
  14. Are you implying that WWE's deliberately not pushing someone whose name isn't John Cena? :hmm: Unheard of!
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  15. I'm apparently alone in this, but I'm highly entertained by the Stardust character. The addition of the Ascension may mean something and it may comes to nothing (basing anything on the results of a Superstars match is...well....silly).

    I worried (and still worry, to be fair) that Cody Rhodes as Stardust will win just as many and just as important titles as Cody Rhodes as....Cody Rhodes. But, in all fairness, Cody Rhodes doesn't get a semi-important match at Summerslam with Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes doesn't get back-up from anybody, much less a more serious (at least I hope they're more serious) Ascension. Stardust gets these things because the character is a comic book villain, which gets more of a reaction than any other character Cody Rhodes has played in recent memory.

    Look, Cody likes weird characters (anybody remember "Dashing" Cody Rhodes or "Thinks He's Hideous" Cody Rhodes?). Stardust is as far as he's taken this, but at least he's entertaining.

    And I also figure I'm just not getting that he's exactly like Goldust. Similar? Okay. Identical? No.

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  16. I enjoy Stardust's character and I thought the addition of the Ascension was cool. Maybe they'll actually get some meaningful appearances now - wins or loses. I'm kind of tired of the "hissing like a cat" Stardust does. That's my one complaint.
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  17. Literally three posts above yours I stated how much I love it.
  18. I love all the random weirdness honestly. He is more Joker (cartoon version) than a Golddust (not that you claimed that) and I like that. He is chaos in the WWE, and eventually if built right could play out greatly. I still want Golddust vs Stardust, but I want no face, and no heel. Anti-hero and villain, you decide which is which.
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  19. Cosmic Jobbers. Nothing special will come of these.
  20. The question really has to be: is that a bad thing? Are you not entertained fella?
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