Could 3MB's gimmick be made cooler?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. I was randomly thinking the other day and I thought 3MB could easily come up with move names that reference other real band names, but not exactly match them.

    Example: 3 elbows down - 3 guys each get in an elbow drop in rapid succession - sounds like 3 doors down

    Any other ideas? I'm sure some are too easy.
  2. I'm sure they could, but they're just a jobber group. I'm pretty sure they're not trying.
  3. Well yeah, I get the jobber role, but still, this idea would be better than Jinder battling Khali for control of the Cobra using flute music. Just saying.
  4. Well, sure. They could come up with lots of music-related comedy for them to do. The flute thing made me laugh a bit though :dawg:
  5. Eh, Khali is just horrible, he ruined it for me I guess.
  6. Yeah, I agree, he sucks. But there was just so much bs going on at that moment that I just cracked a bit, you know.
  7. Well, Santino sold it well. He was the saving grace of that bit IMO.
  8. Honestly the only way i would be interested, is if they broke up and Slater randomly kept the gimmick solo. He's a 3 man band.
  9. Let them borrow more heavily from the Freebirds.
  10. If they tried to actually be serious, they could possibly be a tad cooler. I have always hated these stupid joke wrestlers/teams, it's just so pathetic in a sport where the company should really think about the seriousness. How much better would wrestling be right now if it were full of serious contenders and people actually bought the hate between guys? I miss those days where you really felt it was as real as it could get.
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