could a actor truly transition into wrestling?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. Remember back in the 90's when WCW made David Arquette world champion?

    This guy, right here.
    This was one of many attempts WCW did back in the 90's at incorporating mainstream celebrities and media into their product. And it failed fantastically. Granted WWE also did this a lot (hell, Wrestlemania was founded on the concept of wrestling meets celebrities and rock n roll). But WCW's attempts are by far more hilarious. WCW got Arquette and Leno, WWE had Tyson. And we all most likely remember the horrible year of guest hosts from WWE in 2009 despite some of us most likely developing alcoholism in an attempt to blot it out.​
    So here is my topic for this thread. Could you see a celebrity making the full on transition to full roster member of the WWE? As in wrestling training, full on road life and dedication to WWE (in between shooting some tv show most likely but still). The entire shabang so to speak. Do you see that as possible in todays WWE climate? And do you have any celebrity in mind that you could see do it?​
    I first of all think it would have to be a wrestling fan first and foremost. I'd rather take an Arquette, who's a wrestling fan over say a Tito Ortiz. I think Maria Menunous, who has wrestled a few matches for WWE would jump on the opportunity as soon as it was presented. She seems like she loves wrestling enough. I could also see Jason David Frank (Tommy from the 90's Power Rangers) working well. He's a fan of wrestling and a trained stunt man and fight coordinator, so there is some ground work when it comes to bumping already (he would still need to do full on training without a doubt). Those are the only two I could think of.​
    What about you guys? Discuss.​
    Also to top this off:​
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  2. Sure, why not? If it's someone who's a fan and has a chance, I don't see how it'd be harder for them to do it than a regular person.
  3. I say bring JDF. He's a huge fan of WWE and always taking pictures with them as well. He's trained in fighting and is use to moving around a lot.
  4. the greatest actor of our generation, Chael P Sonnen

    sound like sean combs and got trombone sized stones like john holmes

    lmao, such a legend
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  5. Ron, from Jersey whores teamed up with Eric Young so it's something that can happen...
  6. For one night yeah. I am talking about going full on pro. Making a career out of it.
  7. If someone was to transition they would need to be trained in some area of martial arts or have done wrestling at college or high school to give them some sort of skill base. Plus need to be hella fit and healthy so yes they probs could but who I dunno.
  8. Chael Sonnen would thrive. He'd seriously be a huge star imo
  10. I would say the most likely people to do it would be anyone off of jackass but i don't know if i would actually like it though....
  11. Wrestling is a lot of ad lib.
  12. The Rock might do well full time if he had some training.
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  13. Andy Kaufman did it pretty well.
  14. Yeah. He must have the guts, and the time to do so though. Better if he has already background.
  15. I know, but if they can have a one night match and even slam a professional wrestler, I think they can go full on prom wrestling.
  16. Training for a one night performance and slamming a wrestler (a bodyslam being particularly easy to do compared to other wrestling moves) is a completely different thing compared to going through full on wrestling training and living a WWE superstars life of +200 days on the road a year. Could you honestly see one of the goons from Jersey Shore commit to that?
  17. Basically no. They would be arrested more times than Kurt Angle. I could see Stephen Amell working and living like a WWE star. He's in good shape and if he trains, he can be a part of WWE's roster. The fact is that they earn more money making three or four movies a year than what they could earn working for WWE, that's why it's something difficult. It's not like Dwayne, who was trained in WWE and then he started his career as a Hollywood star.
  18. It would depend on the Actor, I think someone like Terry Crews could easily enter a career in wrestling, mainly because of his build.
  19. It could obviously work, given the guy (or gal) had the right look, right determination and right training to seriously want to be a professional wrestler.
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