Could a stiff style of wrestling get over in the WWE?

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  1. Apologies in advance for bringing Japanese vanilla midgets into this section but could the stiff style used by many in the orient firstly be viable in the WWE and secondly get over? If so who would you like to use it?

    The prime example is the match below between Misawa and Takayama below.

    Now I understand the touring system used in Japan is greatly different from the WWE schedule so I'm not suggesting every match should utilise it but it can be used to great effect more often than the WWE embraces it.
  2. The intro to that second dude's music is pretty dope.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure stiff style doesn't fall under the "WWE Style." The reason they weren't interested in Samoa Joe back in 2005 was because they thought he was too stiff. I'm pretty sure not too many people are in a hurry to get in the ring with Brock for this reason.
  3. The WWE is too soft if that's the case, I'm not saying they should have people shooting on each other every night but every so often it'll add a lot to the product.
  4. It could work as a part of certain wrestlers repertoires definitely. Easing it into the WWE slowly.

    As for guys who could work it. Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd are no brainers. They have experience working stiff/strong style from touring Japan extensively. Kidd even teased going to Japan as part of his rehab to freshen up on it. Cesaro and Ohno are also dead giveaways for working it.
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  5. In a few matches, yes.
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