Could Ambrose eventually be the anti-hero face everyone will like?

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  1. WWE has lacked this badass do-what-he-wants type face for a while, and it's evident that the WWE fans still get behind that type of character, just look at summer of Punk alone for proof. I was thinking of potential wrestlers on the current roster who could fill that role, and I honestly think Ambrose could do it really well.

    Punk has the skills to but I just don't think he quite has the look for it. If Seth Rollins had much better mic skills I think he could perhaps do it, but yeah.

    I know there are many other factors into a successful anti-hero face - like booking, freedom etc - but pretend that already exists, would Dean be able to do it? Also, I'm talking about the distant future, he needs to be a successful heel first. I should also add that this is just a discussion, it doesn't necessarily reflect my opinion on whether I would WANT him to go down this route.
  2. I think he might be able to, but I have a hard time seeing it. Ambrose hasn't played a face at any point in his career that I know off so I have nothing to reference him as a heel vs him as a face. He seems to have invested so much into his heel character (mannerisms, way of speaking, movement etc) so I am not sure how well he could perform as an anti-hero face since he might have to do some characters changes because I don't know if there is a guarantee that his heel character would click as a face. He will always have smarks cheering him due to the way he carries his character and it being "cool to cheer the bad guy" but as an anti-hero he needs to get the marks behind him as well and I am not sure he could do that without a full on face turn, which I am scared off due to not knowing how him as a face would work.

    He could do it, but I am not sure off it and I am not sure if I want to see it.
  3. Only in an Austin style. He'd have to still be himself, but be in a feud with someone so hateable, that fans couldn't help but cheer him. That could springboard him into the badass/antihero face.
  4. That as well. For Ambrose to work as a face we need to find a heel more hateable than him.
  5. Yeah I wouldn't want Ambrose to change. I think this sort of character he has could potentially get really over.

    Not sure if I would want this myself as I'm a huge psychotic-heel fan, but it popped into my mind, lol.
  6. MIZ!!!!!!!
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  7. :LOL1: :YES:
  8. Would imply that everyone hates Miz. And Miz has far too many fans to be universally hated.
  9. Jon can be whatever he wants to be. I wish WWE would book him like that, but I have my doubts.
  10. I'm sure Ambrose could be a good anti-hero, but I have trouble seeing him at the top with that kind of role. I think Punk was a sucessful anti-hero and he was on his way to becoming the Austin of his era, but after Triple H beat him at NOC that really was the beginning of the downfall for that idea. Then after that he just became another repetitive heel with generic promos, aside from what we have seen from him lately.
  11. One thing i've noticed about the WWE the past 5 years is, that the sterotypes are almost gone. The WWE champion is CM Punk, and their most "over" super star is 5'10 210 lbs. It seems as though that looking the part, is taking a back seat to the actual ability. I think that if the fans are behind him, that he will be given the oppurtunity to flourish.
  12. Well, I think people have mentioned everything I was going to already, that I guess he can do it, but his main thing is his psychotic self and that works best as a heel, I think. But if they put him in the situation, I think he can do it.
  13. I need to see more of Ambrose's mic work in the WWE before I can make the judgment. He doesn't strike me as a 'bad-ass' in the Austin anti-hero way, though. He seems more suitable to the psychotic kind of role, in the Mick Foley kind of way (since Foley wasn't the most physically threatening looking person either.)
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