Could Ambrose v Regal work again on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. Those who are familiar with Ambrose know how awesome his feud with Regal was in FCW, could the same thing work on RAW? I personally don't want Ambrose mixing with lower mid carders as WWE have unintentionally manipulated the WWE fans to not give a shit about anyone below main eventers. But they still react for legends/familiar older superstars, so I think an Ambrose vs Regal feud could work well.

    Regal is also amazing at putting people over. It's not just about getting pinned, you can put someone over brilliantly on the mic, backstage segments, twitter, etc. Regal has it all, plus he's a great ring worker and an experienced star for Ambrose to be around. As for how it can happen, I'll let you decide

    This is of course presuming his feud with Foley doesn't happen, I think all of us would prefer that but I think this is an excellent substitute.
  2. I think so, I saw how him and Regal worked in FCW and it would be great to see that kind of madness on Raw.
  3. Yes!!! Ambrose vs regal!!1 make it happen!
  4. Regal/Ambrose could work anywhere. I want to see a Cage Match between them. Regal is such a :boss:.
  5. It'd be awesome to see, for sure.
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