Could AW have been a star?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. I've seen loads of ass licking tweets saying he could have had a huge future in the E, so what do you think ? What was his ceiling?

    IMO he could have eventually moved up to an uppermidcard heel based upon his speaking skills alone, the boy could talk plus he looked like a million bucks which never harms your case. He wasn't the best worker, far from it he was as green as gooseshit from what I remember but he could have easily improved that.
  2. I think he could have been an awesome manager with a good career like Vickie.
  3. midcard manager
  4. It depends. As you said, he was an excellent talker, which would already be enough for him to succeed as a manager, but since WWE doesn't treat them very well nowadays I'm not sure. If they were to put him in the ring, OK, he's got the look and his mic skills are, as previously mentioned, very good. He wasn't very good in the ring, yeah, but he could've improved... as a manager he'd be limited because managers don't go very far on WWE these days, although if put in the ring he could eventually be an upper midcarder, yeah.
  5. Could have been a main event manager tbh, or a dictator GM. Anything to give him mic time.
  6. In my opinion, AW could have resurrected the ever exponential decline of the tag team division. He was interesting and brought life to the division. Coupled with the charisma of Titus and Young, they could have began reviving the division, with Ascension getting a push, they division could be re-established rather than the joke that it is.

    Kofi I could see as a great tag team competitor, but Truth not so much, especially with his current gimmick which is now wearing thin. With AW as the 2012 Jimmy Hart, could have brought some hype to the division, but all the shows seem to care about is Punk, Cena, Rock, D-Bry (who deserves it), Ziggler (who deserves it) and Jericho (who deserve it). There is no concentration on the division that got me interested in wrestling and AW was the potential Jesus to come into WWE and possibly make something of the tag team division in the PG Era.

    It is sad to see him go, I personally saw him becoming like Teddy Long back in 2003 when he managed multiple guys like Rodney Mack, Henry and Jazz. or Rico when he managed Chuck and Billy. Back then there was something for the division. AW could have even moved onto to other titles like US, which is dead imo.
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