Could Brock Lesnar vs Jack Swagger Happen?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. Do you feel that there's any chance, even just a decent one, that Jack Swagger could get a world title shot against Brock Lesnar at some point in the near future? I know he might seem like a pretty unlikely candidate to get a match with The Beast himself, but if you look over the entire roster, Lesnar REALLY needs some decent opponents if he's gonna keep the strap all the way until Wrestlemania XXXI.

    At least Jack Swagger is still over with his patriotic character and "We... The People!" chant. Plus, he was protected in all of his losses against Rusev. He also has a collegiate amateur wrestling background just like Lesnar (Brock is a former NCAA Champion, and Swagger's wiki page says that he scored a record for most pins as an All-American in a single season, something not even Lesnar did), and we know it could be a good/great match. There's also recent history between Heyman and Coulter. Coulter can mock Heyman for how he stole Cesaro from him earlier in the year and it didn't work out for him in the long run, and now in return Swagger is gonna take the championship from Brock Lesnar. If Swagger and Lesnar were to have a stand-off on Raw and Swagger ended up out-wrestling and embarrassing him, it could get him a big reaction and piss Lesnar off royally.

    I know some would still question if it could carry a PPV as the headline attraction, but if that's a concern, then it could always happen at the Royal Rumble since the Rumble match will be the main attraction that night anyway.
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  2. Yes, sir! I'd be all up for that kind of scenario. Sounds good.
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  3. It could happen, but it wont ;( wwe dont care enough to create new main eventers :upset:
  4. I'd definitely like to see Heyman and Zeb butt heads again. I'm all for it happening at the Rumble
  5. Honestly Swags has performed well this year and this could happen Imo.
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  6. Sounds reasonable but I have 0 interest in the buildup for it.
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  7. I'd love to see this go down.

    Hoss war 2014
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  8. it would be great. It would give Swagger a bigger feud and give Brock a diff type of who can wrestle him or maybe even out wrestle would be nice....but it wont happen. This is the WWE.
  9. Hm... Not sure Swagger would really be seen as a credible opponent. It would be fun, but taking Swagger seriously as a main eventer this quickly is weird. Can't say it would hurt, though. But the match I really wanna see for the belt is Lesnar and Ambrose.
  10. [​IMG]

    Swagger is a geek jobber and he has no business coming close to Bork Laser.
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  11. Swags with Zeb is slowly proving himself. I used to hate him in ring and on screen but he has upped his game and performs well. Given the right situation I'm behind this feud! Plus Zeb vs Heyman!!!!!!!
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  12. I feel like swagger still has to prove himself, but not by a whole lot. Maybe one more succesful feud will do the trick to make him seem like a beliavable threat against brock. Or, seeing as there are few strong heels on the roster right now, he could steamroll other baby-faces in a triple threat, 4-way, or even battle royal for the #1 contender spot. I feel like if he could go over the likes of mark henry, big show and sheamus he would be regarded as a real badass
  13. Agreed. Don't see the appeal. Fucking boring buffoon.
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  14. It could happen given the particular scenario but personally I would rather it not happen... well at least for the moment.. The part that interests me most about the feud at this given time would be the Zeb/Heyman interactions.. Swagger will need another solid feud with someone who's levels above Bo Dallas and even a more established opponent other than Rusev..
  15. If it did, I'd like to see more than one bout from the two. Swagger can go and would push Lesnar mat-wise in ways others cannot.
  16. If Swagger can be built up a bit more, I say why not. I've enjoyed his work this year and he's one of the big guys who I would believe can take down Lesnar even for some time. And it gives us Colter-Heyman 2 while Swagger and Lesnar fight. Besides, WWE have a lack of real main eventers now so with Cena, Y2J, Sheamus, Cesaro, Bryan, BNB and Reigns unlikely to fight Lesnar any time soon, we should see Swagger get his chance. Besides, he could come out of this looking quite strong.
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