Could Bryan turn face at OTL?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Now I don't think personally this will happen because Bryan is so good that he can still get a lot of boo's, but he's had to resort to the "cheap heat", because of how over he has gotten.

    But yeah, I think it was Dolph who submitted this outcome that he'd mark out for, which caught my eye. Bryan vs Punk, Bryan somehow wins but Brock Lesnar comes down and beats the crap out of Bryan. Now, this whole face turn depends on one thing, how did Bryan win? If it was a fair clean bout where Bryan just refused to give up and the match itself was really, really good, then Brock destroying him after = face turn for Bryan.

    But if Bryan screws Punk and wins, doesn't Brock beating the hell out of him mean face turn for Brock? Either way, Bryan's selling ability and size means he can play the underdog small guy really, really well against Brock. His wrestling ability (BITW!) against Brock who's also a great wrestler would create some insane MMA style matches.

    Now Punk losing might be unrealistic, but Punk isn't drawing and Bryan is insanely over. However, you can counter that with WWE has faith in Punk and he also is on e of the most over faces in WWE. So, how likely is it that Bryan wins and would you like to see a Bryan vs Brock feud? I'd love it, as long as Bryan tweener's it and stays his current character but adds some "american dragon" stuff to his gimmick, IE, being a tough son of a bitch.
  2. It's fun to think about but I imagine Punk will just SuperPunk it up and they are using DB's overness to try and cement Punk as the man.
  3. As much as Bryan's over I don't think he'd be the one to put over Punk. He's not exactly got much credibility and I don't think Punk would look any better after beating him than he would now.

    The idea in the OP is incredible. If that or something similar were to happen then yes - I'd support a face turn. But I wouldn't if he just becomes a dull babyface like Punk has.

    Still, I'm hopeful that WWE does something along these lines, it worked for them last summer.
  4. You think I don't know the idea is incredible? It was my idea. WWE isn't smart enough to pull it off though. You are thinking like a smark, not like a retarded WWE booker. They hear that DB is over with crowds so they think 'hey, da crowd likes dis guy, les feed him to Punk and he will be moar overz 4 it!'
  5. I really hope they do feed Lesnar to Bryan though. The matches would be epic. Heyman by Lesnar's side means the promos will be epic. Daniel Bryan I could easily see turning into an Austin type character.
  6. True, I really need to stop doing that :emoji_slight_frown:

    It would be an incredible fued. Heyman and Bryan interaction plus the match would be a smark's dream. Yeah I could kinda see that as well, if they just let him go a bit.
  7. I see Bryan turning face eventually because of his overness, but I don't think it will happen with Brock. I very much doubt they'd give Brock and Bryan a match, simply because of the huge size difference. I've always heard that's probably the main reason Undertaker-Jericho never had a full fledged feud, because the height difference makes Jericho look bad in their eyes.

    I think if he turns face, it'll just be him getting into it with a heel (getting interrupted by a heel during a promo or something) and then he'll just naturally play to his popularity with the fans.

    Also wouldn't be surprised to see Bryan win the belt from Punk, though it may not happen at Over The Limit. They'll probably fight again at No Way Out, and maybe Bryan will win it there. I can see them wanting to capitalize on Bryan's popularity by giving him the belt but since they want Sheamus to be champion and don't want him to just drop the title again, and since Punk has been champ for awhile now, it might be time for Punk to give it up.
  8. The idea is amazing. Bryan as a bad ass tweener against Brock would be awesome. But considering it's WWE we're talking about, I'll be more than happy if Bryan wins the title, and I don't even think that'll happen.I think they'll just feed Bryan to Punk, as if that would help.
  9. He'd turn face for the Summer. You can't make a crowd hate somebody who was given a cheap shot in his WM match.
  10. He isn't a face? [​IMG]
  11. I'm not sure with Bryan the size difference matters, he looks like a badass and if they booked him properly they could have him use his legitimate awesome wrestling skills as an MMA type weapon which it already is in MMA.
  12. Ok now serious.

    I mean he is seen as a heel, but when he comes out, the biggest pop arrives with the YES chants.
    But not that he dumped AJ like that again, he ain't coming near a face turn soon.
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