Could Bully Ray be the greatest TNA heel ever?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Currently in his two week reign I've been incredibly impressed by his heel work. Last week he was in many many segments again and none of them were boring. This week he told the story of his rise and it was some of the best work I've seen in years. Anyone who wasn't a fan of the story is now a fan because of that.

    If they book this correctly (big IF), could he become the greatest heel champion in TNA history? Currently his rival is Bobby Roode and his reign was fantastic, but with this huge story behind him, could Ray overtake that? The fact I'm even bringing this up shows how damn good Bully Ray is, because Roode was just stupidly good.
  2. Yep he could also be a vital piece to TNA's growth, the one thing they've always lacked is a despicable heel everyone can hate (Kurt was the closest during the MEM but he was still loved, Jarrett whilst great never had that star appeal Ray seems to have) to put over someone as their next top face. This could end up as the perfect JBL style reign and look at that bodybuilder who ended that and how he's doing currently.
  3. Like I said in another thread, he is my absolute favourite wrestler to watch right now. He grabs my attention and can hold it for as long as he wants. If he gets a long, well booked reign anywhere near the length of Roode's, he can definitely be the best heel they've ever had.
  4. Everything is possible if booked right.
  5. He's a great heel and one of the best in this business. He had been underrated in his entire career, until this year. But the greatest? I am not sure. When I think Roode, Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, I am not sure.
  6. He can, it's a big possibility.
  7. I still think Roode has that honour, he is more of a heat magnet, and I feel he is better in ring and on the mic. Still, Bully isn't far off and he's probably got a long reign ahead of him.
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