Could Bully Ray be TNA's JBL?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Bully Ray is considered to be one of the greatest speakers in TNA, John Layfield was considered the same after his WWE title reign. Both were reguarded as tag team midcarders for life before a heel turn took them to the next level and we experienced two of pro wrestlers greatest heels coming out of left field. Enough with the general similarities and onto the major question, can Bully emulate JBL and be responsible for the rise of TNA's next star like John was with Cena?
  2. So Layfield's who I can blame for Super-Cena? Good to know.

    Carry on the conversation/discussion. I'll stay out of this one since I'm not familiar with JBL's history.
  3. He won his first title from JBL, do you live in a cave or something :dawg:

  4. GN might just live in a cave.
  5. Yes, yes I do. :otunga: It's common knowledge that I didn't start watching wrestling regularly until last February, so just over a year now, and that as a huge hater of Cena's I haven't bothered to try to learn more about his wrestling history. :pity:

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    Who are you again? Damn kids changing their usernames. :dawg: @"Dolph'sZiggler"
  6. :cornette: oh wait you'll not recognise that guy ... :finger: ..... nope before your time too :nogusta: yeah he represents your status :dawg: (this guy was never a wrestler) I'm Gohan btw
  7. lolololol jbl ray dudley.
  8. :lol1:
  9. IMO Bully is better than JBL both in the ring and on the mic. It's kind of hard to compare the characters though, a wealthy Texas businessman and the leader of a biker gang.
  10. You really don't need to get tied up in the specifics, think about how they went through a reinvention so late in their careers and wheter the heat drawn could be used to cement a new megastar.
  11. Think it could end up resulting in tna's version of cena if bully loses to the right person. AJ styles IMO could be that person.
  12. Super Styles!
  13. You left out one similarity - they're both bullies in real life, too.

    I wouldn't give JBL much credit for cementing Cena as a star. Cena was already gaining huge momentum before he ever crossed paths with JBL the character, and even then, people didn't really see him as a 'mega star' until he beat Triple H at Wrestlemania 22 the following year and then his long title reign from 2006-2007. Despite the switch from Raw to Smackdown with Batista, many still saw Batista as the more important champion of the company throughout 2005 because of his hot feud with Triple H.
  14. I can't find anything on Bully being an IRL Bully. Give me some sauce Lockard
  15. He did admit in a shoot interview to stiffing Renée Dupré in the ring in a tag match but that was apparently because Renée and his partner refused to listen in the ring or something like that. Then he mouthed Johnny Ace into submission backstage or something like that.
  16. Ha, I was just reading earlier today about how Hardcore Holly beat the fuck out of Dupree at a house show in 2004. Maybe he was just a dick.

    And lots of people hate Ace. Bully was probably praised for putting him into a submission.

    Hardly anything like what JBL has been accused of. From things I hear Bully is well liked by most and respected by all
  17. Yeah I've also only heard good things about Ray. That there was the only thing I could think of. Sadly he didn't put Ace in a real submission only told him to shut up and be a big boy basically (still probably got him major kudos).

    Holly seems to have been more of a bully than Ray. Didn't Holly work one of the tough enough guys stiff for nothing at all back in like 2004?
  18. 2002 or so, but yea. Holly is probably the most well known asshole of our generation of wrestling.
  19. Well, him and Davey Richards and Low Ki. But Richards and Ki might count as a new generation.
  20. Nah they just count as vanilla midgets wrestling in bingo halls that nobody cares about
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