Could Colt Cabana

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  1. Make it as a WWE commentator?

    Read an article on the subject on B/R and it intrigued me. Most who listen to his podcast the art of wrestling and have watched him on the indies know that Colt is extremely entertaining with his words. He also sits on a wast amount of in ring experience so he could work both play by play and color commentary. He also has something he didn't have when he was signed as a wrestler back in 07-09. A powerful backer in the form off CM Punk.

    Could it work? WWE is kind off in a rebuilding phase when it comes to its commentary.

  2. Nah.

    Don't be fooled, commentary is higgility piggility at the minute, but as soon as King is fit again everything will be back to normal. (Unfortunately)
    I'd love JR and King on RAW.
    Then Cole and JBL on SD.

    Won't happen though.
  3. Is it really?

    There is no guarantee that Lawler will return to the commentary table.

    JR is never there for long periods off time.
    Matthews is apparently on thin ice for some reason.
    Vince doesn't want to use Striker or Stanford.
    Vince doesn't want to use Regal either.
    JBL is only there for part time and has other stuff on his plate.

    They basically only have Cole that's a guarantee right now.
  4. Yes there is, Lawler is back in a couple of weeks bro.

    Lawler is the worlds worst commentator, ahead of Tenay even. Cabana would be fucking sweet though.
  5. I'd prefer to see him as a wrestler, but it'd be nice. Not happening though, I'm also sure Lawler will return.
  6. Cabana's a joke, so I doubt. Oh look at the irony there...
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