Extreme Rules Could Daniel Bryan Turn on Kane and Join The Shield?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roi, May 2, 2013.

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  1. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/...daniel-bryan-turn-on-kane-and-join-the-shield
  2. I have no issue at all with DB turning on Kane. I hate the idea of him joining the Shield though. Those guys are fine the way they are, it isn't broken, so there's no reason to change it. Perhaps Taker gets involved and Kane goes to save him leaving DB to be destroyed and eat the pin losing the titles. DB goes crazy and cinches in the NO! Lock on Kane, thus ending their partnership.
  3. Such a bad article.

    The title: Could Daniel Bryan Turn on Kane and Join The Shield?

    Firstly, turn on Kane: There is no explanation why he would do this within the article, and recently there has been no signs he would.
    Secondly, join The Shield: :dafuq::damnn:
  4. Rod, I love you little man but you need to realize one thing about Bleacher report. Most of the articles are written by dudes in their basement. They are editorials, you could write for Bleacher, I could write for bleacher. This idea sadly carries no weight.
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  5. Even Xanth could write for Bleacher...
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  6. I don't like it. DB turning on Kane is alright but him joining Shield is unnecessary.
  7. I think it's unlikely. Bryan turning on Kane would be a cool angle, but joining the Shield definitely wouldn't work out.
  8. Meh I don't think Shield needs Daniel Bryan, nor should he join anyhow. As for Daniel being the one to turn on Kane, it's an interesting idea, but Kane is better at a dark role and motive to betraying someone, I would rather Kane be the one to turn on Daniel when they brake up.
  9. I highly doubt this is going to actually happen, as it wouldn't make much sense (Bryan has always been out to help beat down Shield) but it would be good to see. Bryan has been a face for what like, a year now? I liked Bryan's heel work as the WHC so part of the shield could work, but he doesn't really have "the look" of them, does he?
  10. Shield doesn't need anyone from the main roster joining them. They'll end up like Nexus if that's the case. No Punk as the leader, no Cena, no Bryan, Miz, Kofi, Kane, Taker, Brock, Santino, etc.
  11. They don't pretend to be a news source, and I don't think Rodrigo is presenting them as that. He probably found the report and idea pretty interesting.

    My opinion? It's inevitable that Bryan turns on Kane, but it's improbable he joins the Shield, and rightfully so. The shield need to remain as the group of outlaws from NXT.
  12. Rodrigo could, but you? :pity1: Let's not get crazy here.
  13. Ironically, Daniel Bryan came in as part of Nexus (also a group of rookies from NXT) and The Shield's current push is working exactly how the push of Nexus should have gone.

    Bryan will certainly not join. He did seem vicious choking out Roberts with his own tie but no way can he shed the goofball image he's had for so long that quickly. And I'm trying to imagine him in a swat vest and I just can't...
  14. How does wearing a swat vest a necessity to be in the shield? Could be a graet way to get him back over to the real side of fighters. I do agree no way it will happen, but DB walking down the stairs with the shield is something i would mark for.
  15. Well, the other three dudes wear the vests... It's kinda their trademark attire. It's not like we've ever seen them not wear it or anything except the night they debuted at Survivor Series.
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  16. If the add a 4th member who says he has to fit the 3 man mold? I doubt the next member goes from regular to just rocking the Swat gear overnight. Maybe DB could join and get a kick in the chest the breaks a rib, causing him to decide to wear it?

    like i said i agree, he isn't joining, i just dont get the whole attire need.
  17. It isn't a necessity, but I think most people assume that they'll all dress the same to make them look more like a pack of wolves. Similar to every NWO member wearing the shirts back in the day, except The Shield also wrestle in their gear, too.

    I could see his first promo (explaining himself) standing with them being in regular clothing MAYBE but after that, I would expect him to don the swat attire.
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  18. That i can agree with. Liked, and posted for selfish reasons.
  19. If this does happen, the IWC are gonna have a massive orgasm.
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  20. Yup. That's why Nexus worked at first; they were a group of unknown superstars (outlaws) who seemingly could not be stopped. If someone who was known was added to Nexus, it would have ruined it imo.

    None of the casuals know who these guys are, so they don't know how strong/weak they are etc., but everyone knows about Bryan now.
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