Could Dean Ambrose Be "The Guy?"

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    Apparently Vince Russo thinks so:

    This is one of those rare times where I have to agree with Russo. Ambrose has a much more organic rise going for him in the midcard compared to Reigns who is slowly being pushed into a feud with Triple H because they've already long fingered him as the next top star (nothing wrong with already having someone chosen as your next big star, but as Lex Luger, Diesel and others have proven, they don't always end up being the right choice.) Some would say that Ambrose doesn't have "the look" that Reigns has, but considering the most over guy in the WWE at the moment is one of the smallest main eventers in history, let's concede for the moment that looks and size aren't always everything. And besides which, there is nothing wrong with Ambrose's size. He's roughly the same height as Reigns is and looks to have about the same muscle mass as Stone Cold did in his prime (despite being billed as about twenty-five pounds lighter.)

    Only time will tell. But I'm certainly far more interested in Ambrose right now than Reigns (although I'm a fan of both guys.)
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  2. I said this years ago but there were so many detractors.
    If the Empire went in that direction, the bubble gum crap would have to cease.
    Ambrose isn't Hogan/Cena/Rock so he isn't going to do the signings and make-a-wish or go to political conventions.
    Ambrose has the ability, but will WWE give him the support?
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  3. I don't think Ambrose can rise any higher until the Rollins/Shield feud dies off. Ambrose is going to be over as fuck, but he needs to start taking down the big guys, and taking their spot on the roster.

    This is the problem reigns had. He came down from the shield breakup by stating he had enough. he was going to rise to the top. And he was thrown into the Cena, Orton mix. With 2 off the biggest guys in the wwe in 10 years.

    It's the same thing that happened to The Ryback.

    It's not often we see an actual star rise to this position, the last few I can think of are Cesaro, Ryder and Ziggler MITB reign. But the sad part is look how all of them ended so abruptly and poor.

    So I think WWE need to be especially careful with how they treat these 2 future main eventers, because 1 foul book and one of these guys ends up racing for the US title the rest of their career.
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  4. WWE will likely push him because he's over and he has talent and he ain't that small, but I only see WWE pushing him to the 2nd/3rd babyface in the company.
  5. There's approximately zero reasons why it shouldn't happen.
  6. He could easily be the top face, or heel imho.
  7. Well, I still doubt he will be THE man, but he can maybe be like jericho to the rock, cm punk to john cena, etc etc. Seeing as the future is bright with triple h in charge, maybe wwe will take a objective look at his performance:

    Is he having great matches? Check

    Can he hold his own on the mic? Check

    Is he over with almost every type of crowd, be it the house mom or the smarky internet troll? Check

    Sure there are some people that don't like him, but what matters is that most people do like him and he showed that he can deliver, so, yeah, I could see Dean as one of the top guys in wwe in the future
  8. I like Roman Reigns, but I think the Seth Rollins/ Dean Ambrose feud is where it's at. Originally when the Shield were together my favorites was Roman and Seth. I wasn't hating on Dean Ambrose, I just thought that at the time Dean Ambrose wasn't that impressive. Now he's my favorite. After what he did at SummerSlam and on Raw I really think guys like Ambrose and Rollins are the future.
  9. He could. I don't think he will, but surely he'll be a main eventer for years to come. Maybe if things don't work out with Reigns he can get there.
  10. Ambrose is what got me into The Shield in the first place. The guy can wrestle, the guy can also brawl, the guy can talk on the mic... He's the full package, imo.

    - So, could Ambrose be 'The Guy'? Hell yeah!

    When Dean comes back, I'd like to see him continue his feud with Seth, but by the time he's back, I hope Seth cashes in the MITB contract... And then have Rollins/Ambrose have at it for the title... I'd mark out if Ambrose/Rollins/Reigns were at ME at WM 31 with WWE-WHC on the line!
  11. lol. no.
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  12. The main worry with him is how WWE loves slotting guys into roles instead of the 'bunch of guys trying to climb the ladder to the top" attitude the fans have. It's similar to them seeing Cesaro as the 'dude who can pinball the shit out of plucky resilient babyfaces", they'll see Ambrose as "the guy who can deliver chaos for those who love it"
  13. Dean Ambrose is a pussy. C+ player on his best days. I bet he takes it up the ass (NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!)
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  14. What's the difference between Ambrose and Ziggler?

    Ziggler actually has talent.
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  15. Coming from a Ziggler fan.:dawg:
  16. Honestly.

    Ziggler >> Ambrose. But I still think Ambrose is great.
  17. I just ninja'd your stupid ass. Typical retarded Ambrose fan
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  18. Ziggler is quite possibly the worst talent to be on the main roster since Chavo. Well, Miz is up there too.
  19. Ziggler ain't the only one on the roster who has talent. Sure, he has it and personally, I am a fan of Ziggler's. But he can't be on the top all time, plus they can't trust him with that task again, 'cause he's prone to having concussions. Not hating or anything, but it seems you're a little bit blinded by Ziggler.

    Hell, DBry's my favorite wrestler in the WWE. Do I wanna see him on top all the time? No. There are other guys like Ambrose, Rollins, Cesaro, Bray... who I wanna see at the top. Jeez man.
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