Could Dolph cash in this Sunday?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Jericho wins the Chamber, cashes in, the rematch is at Wrestlemania and Dolph goes over? I know it's a bit farfetched but could it happen? Or is it a certainty that Henry wins the chamber and ADR goes over at Wrestlemania?
  2. I said something along those lines during Raw I think, Jericho winning the Chamber, Ziggler cashes in on ADR after his match and we have Ziggler/Jericho at WM. Sounds plausible, but I still think Henry's winning.
  3. TBH I want Henry to win in the chamber and beat ADR at WM, I want another Hall of pain reign..
    But I can also see your scenario happening, which is great also since we will get to see another great Ziggler/Jericho feud now on the grandest stage of them all.
  4. Mark Henry will win the chamber. ADR goes over him at WM.
  5. I completely forgot that ADR vs Big Show is a singles match so Dolph can't cash in on Jericho. But the logic stays the same. ADR wins, Dolph cashes in, Jericho wins the chamber and they face off at WM.
  6. What is with u dumb asses thinking that a guy who just came back from am 9 FUCKIN MONTH INJURY is going to be in a World Title match AT WM? Mark is not going win! Y2J IS GOING WIN! And as must I hate to say it Figger CASH IN THIS SUNDAY after Del Rio beat Big Show! Show get pissed KNOUCH OUT AND THE FIGGER COME OUT WIN WITH THE WORLD TITLE! I been tello u got this for like 2 week now and u all never lesson to me!
  7. Shut up dumb ass.
  8. Ur a dumb ass if u REALLY think a guy who been out for 9 month is going to get a world title shot at WM!
  9. Hey dumb ass, shut up.
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  12. NO DUMB ASS U :stfu:!
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  14. Yeah, could be great, but wouldn't it be a little bit strange? I don't know, we expect a triple threat match for the WWE championship and other one for the WH championship? A little strange, they could have another stipulation or something like that...
  15. That would require Show to kill ADR's push which is going pretty well IMO because WM wont have face versus face especially since Cena is already fighting Rock. Then if Jericho turns heel, you'd have heel Ziggler cashing in on heel Jericho. I also don't think Jericho is staying past the mania season which would be needed if he planned to have a match against Ziggler.

    I see Jericho vs Ziggler part 3 at mania and then Ziggler cashing in later on in the night to go over on Del Rio. Then Jericho could do the whole passing the torch handshake thing that Michaels did for him at WM 19 (i think it was 19)
  16. There one problam with doing that, Y2J vs. HBK at WM19 was NOT for the World Title or any title for that mader. This Y2J vs. Figger would be for the World Title! And HBK BEAT Y2J at WM19 so there was NO past of the thouch to HBK to Y2J as it was not for the World Title! At this point the ownly WWE can doe at WM for the World Title is Y2J vs. Figger for the World Title at WM29! That are cleanly building it! Figger has MITB he can cash on Del Rio at the Chamber after he retirn. And then Y2J win the Chamber to be the Number 1 Conder for the Title to set the match. Now that can have the Del vs. Mark Henry macth but it WILL NOT BE FOR THE WORLD TITLE! It would doumb to have a guy that just come back from a 9 month injury to be in that spot! And who know with injury hisoty he could mostly get injury again in the chamber match. But I aslo think it would be dumb for Del Rio end a feud with one Gaint just to start a new fued with another Gaint! I think if Del Rio if not World Champion after this Sunday I think it would bad move to have him fued with Henry anyway in a non title match. Del Rio to face a good that going help him better his career moving forward as this BS "hero" Del Rio but if that have to I who have him fued with Orton if Orton turning heel which I will BELIVE IT WHEN I SEE IT WITH MY OWN 2 EYES. And have Del Rio beat newly hee turnl Orton in a non title match.
  17. I like how no matter what the thread is about, if Gohan is in it, there is yelling and pipe bomb dropping. :haha:

    Anyways... I can't see it happening. The belts are too hot with other wrestlers right now. I think he will cash in after WM.
    If Cena somehow gets the belt off Rock or Punk is he gets it back, I can see Ziggles cashing in on John Cena. I would actually love that.
  18. Dolph doesn’t even have a match scheduled for Sunday. I smell a cash-in.
  19. I'm pretty certain that Dolph will cash in and win. ADR's face turn hasn't been great. People just aren't into him.
  20. That was my exact thoughts, why leave a star like Ziggler out of the EC card unless he was maybe going to cash in MITB that night
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