Could I get over in the WWE if I'm a good actor ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. The whole thing is about acting anyway, there's a lot of talking and less wrestling. Even during the wrestling matches, sure the WWE Superstars are in tip top shape to be able to recover from getting tired and knocked down really fast, and handle injuries that's actually all that's for. The rest is acting as well, pulling the punches and kicks, the opponents actually doing the flips and somersaults in the air for you and of course the scripted wins and losses. I think it doesn't matter how good you look in the ring, it means nothing if you don't have a gimmick to get the audience members to care about you or the ability to talk trash to an opponent on the microphone. So could I succeed ?
  2. idk are you a good actor?
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  3. Stop holding yourself back. You won't get any closer to your dream if you sit around second guessing yourself while asking strangers on the Internet to solve your problems. If you wanna be a WWE star, then man up and start that journey. You aren't getting any closer to WrestleMania by waiting around with your thumb up your bum. Decide if you're going to try going to WWE or not. If not, then move on with your life.
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  4. of course you could get over, but never in a serious way. Kinda like Damien Sandow, they'd probably stick you in some comedy angles to make sure you rarely have to deliver when it comes to in-ring stuff, but you'd never turn into one of the big players.

    So personally, if I was an aspiring actor, I'd try and focus on actual movie/TV roles rather then putting my ass through their performance center, almost physically killing myself to be in some low-to-mid card angle and get paid a lot less than what other people would pay for a trained actor. Or I'd maybe try and turn into a manager, that could be fun but would also make you dependent on your wrestler's work ethic and how relevant he is.
    But I also kinda echo what @MildlyUpsetGerbil said as in, if you wanna do something just go ahead and do it. If you have to question someone else, you already know it's not really the right move for you. The best life paths/choices are the ones you can't see yourself not going for in the future, no matter what anyone else has to say about it
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  5. worked for Alexa just give
    Kevin Dunn a handjob & you should be fine.
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  6. It's if you are marketable. That's all what matters. If WWE can market you or not.
  7. I've already made my decision to try going to the WWE but that takes a lot of time and effort to do. One doesn't go to the WWE just from one try, it's a combination of many different things, I know it's acting and athleticism in addition to the entertainment. But it's possible to excel in one area but not in another. I was curious to see if the acting would help me become better but I don't really know for sure. I'll know if I get there. And that's a really big "IF" because not everybody who tried out for the WWE made it there.
  8. Charisma, that's a big one. Elias has a dumb character and is generic in ring, but he's got charisma out the ass so he's over like gang busters

    On a side note, what the hell are gang busters and why are they over enough to be made into an expression
  9. 1) if you are asking here you probably lack confidence to do it. Who cares what anyone here thinks? You think you have talent? Do it. Push ahead and go for it.

    2) who here would really know? It’s not like there are any resident WWE talent agents with profiles on this board.
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  10. Athletics are way more important for being in the WWE today. It's rare to make it being a shitty wrestler but a decent actor. The latest example of that is probably Enzo. Being manager or commentator would probably be a better path.
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  11. Yh and Vince hates managers and you have no chance at being a play by play commentator in wwe
  12. If you are a good actor, you are not in the WWE lol.
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