Could it have been Machomania that gripped the world rather than Hulkamania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 22, 2013.

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    [size=xx-small]The beat goes on[/size]​

    "A cup of coffee in the big time, yeah a cup of coffee in the big time."​

    Now the timing may have been slightly off as Hogan was already WWF Champion and on the route to immortality but theoretically did Savage lack anything to be the immortal one? He had the mic skills to match Hogan, the ability to wrestle a better match, a marketable look and most importantly had that special superstar aura to him.

    So could the WWF have reached it's peak with Macho Madness rather than Hulkamania from a hypothetical standpoint? He seemed to tick all the right boxes to have been the star at most other eras or at least on a level pegging such as Rock / Austin but he seems to be 2nd tiered behind Hulk sadly.
  2. I alway feld that Savage could have been bigger then Hogan if that book collectly! And say SAVAGE WAS FAR BETTER THEN HOGAN EVER WAS! In wrestling and mic skill! Looking back on how that use him really stink even he won the WWE Title in 1988 at WM4 he was team with Hogan the whole year he was WWE Champion so he was in his shadow baiscly! And then when he won the WWE Champion from Ric Flair at WM8 that was not even the main event THAT WAS BOLD SHIT! That still had Hogan as the main event with Sid and the match ended as a FUCKIN DQ! REALLY THAT HOW U ENDED A WM A DQ! WWE was even DUMB BACK THEN! :pipebomb:
  3. I would have much preferred Randy Savage as the top guy but I don't see him having the same maximum impact as Hogan. Just look at the Hogan/Andre feud, which drew both the largest North American wrestling attendance (third largest in the world) and the largest rating for a North American wrestling show... Hogan's superman character was a much better fit for that feud than what Savage would have been, and actually, I read numbers were actually quite low for the Savage/Andre feud when it did happen after Savage won the title.

    When they gave him the title in 1988, Savage wasn't nearly as requested for interviews or media appearances as Hogan was. He did do well following Wrestlemania where business usually drops every year (just compare the buy rates from Brock's match at Extreme Rules and Summerslam last year.) But there's also evidence of a considerable drop in numbers otherwise. It was a large reason why Hogan was made such an important part of Savage's title reign during the Mega Powers angle (his title reign felt like it was almost as much about Hogan as it was about Savage.) However, a lot of this could have been because Hogan had already been established as the main star and thus the guy the fans most wanted to see. If Savage had come first, who knows. His smaller size doesn't really make me think he couldn't have been a big star without Hogan because Austin himself wasn't the largest guy either. But I still say Hogan has a bigger feeling of aura when it comes to being a mega star than Savage does.

    Although Macho Madness > Hulkamania any day for me.
  4. I think we can all agree Randy was better than Hogan on the mic and in the ring. Where Randy was lacking was his size. Hogan at 6'8 is a larger than life guy, blond hair, blue eyes, the whole classic good guy look. Randy was always better suited to be a heel, a foil to Hogan. It's sad that something as trivial as size can determine who the bigger star is, but that's the way it works, especially in Vince McMahons world. Had Randy come along in this day and age in his twenties, he could've been just as big, if not bigger than Hogan and Austin.
  5. IDK ABOUT THAT? Gimmicks like what Savage had don't work in today WWE. And Savage is my favorites all time wretsling.
  6. He had the talent to make it in any era.
  7. yes but his gimmick would not have work in today WWE. B/c that don't giimck that have flandboyis in there Top Wrestler any more. And this is come from me who Savage was my favorites all time wrestler.
  8. The Macho Man dropping the Elbow on the Iron Sheik (while filling in for Bob Backlund btw, let's not forget that) and starting Machomania sounds good. I'm not sure what would've happened but he had the potential to be just as big as Hogan, I think.
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