could jerry lawler be on his way out or am i being to optimistic?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gav back in the championship, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. just speculating and all but i just have this feeling he could be retiring i probably am looking into it too much but i think jbl and cole dominate commentry now with jerry becoming more irrelevent which got me thinking that he's slowly handing over the regns to jbl as colour comentator then when he's ready to go he can go with jbl stepping in permanently i hope im right thoughts?
  2. If gav the chav posts it, i believe it. :obama:
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  3. Fuck Jerry and Cole. Get JBL and Regal on commentary.
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  4. Nah. I'd say this guy is going to be there until he dies, but he has already died and he's still there. We're with him for the long run
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  5. Honestly I miss the old Lawler. The one that always favored the heels.

    JBL isn't that great of a commentator IMO. But at least Michael Cole could pretty much carry the show on his own. If I had it my way, Cole and Miz would be the commentary team.
  6. He's just a terrible commentator. Don't let him adding nothing to segments fool you into thinking the delusional pervert is going to retire.
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  7. The story I heard is that Jerry is on the downhill side. Apparently, he says little more than what he hears from backstage. That's very different from how it was during the Attitude Era, when he could be counted on to carry commentary with JR.

    Cole calls matches well and shills what he's supposed to shill. The superstar of the commentary crew is JBL, who says what he's supposed to, but can fill time when they're not telling him what to say as well (also, if you've never seen him on the Saturday morning business block on the Fox News Channel, he's equally entertaining there...and quite knowledgeable about Wall Street and the business community...but be warned, he's even more libertarian than Kane).

    I'm wondering what role Booker's going to play now that he's not Smackdown GM any longer. I feel like they need a new play-by-play guy to work Smackdown with Booker as commentator and have Cole and JBL on Raw, then have Cole, JBL, and Booker on PPV's. Or have Cole, JBL, and Booker on both shows.

    But to the original point, I really hope Jerry is on his way out. It's gotten way past him.

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  8. Booker going back to commentary would be golden. Him+JBL=win
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  9. JBL and Booker T commentating together would be pure entertainment. I wouldn't mind seeing Booker T, JBL and Micheal Cole as commentators on SmackDown.