Summerslam Could Kevin Owens leave SummerSlam as Universal Champion?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by SWL, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. this is very dirt sheet heavy but here's what I just read concerning next month's PPV:
    So does this actually mean Owens could potentially cheat his way into getting that briefcase from Strowman, cash in after Reigns wins and somehow revive his career out of nowhere just like he did 2 years ago? Or is this just another one of those fake rumors created by WWE's marketing team? Either way, it just made Strowman/Owens way more interesting for me lol.

    Then again, worst case scenario, what if Brock beats Reigns anyways and Owens/Reigns isn't even for the title. Because apparently Brock doesn't really wanna leave WWE and would rather work for both UFC & WWE at the same time.

    Anyways, I wouldn't take issue in Owens winning the briefcase+title at Summerslam but imo Strowman's just a better fit for it right now, he's been one of the most over and strongest looking guys on the roster for a while now and the longer you hold his title win off, the more repetitive he becomes in my eyes. Either way, quite interesting stuff, they could really pull a mad one off here with these 2 matches
  2. If they allow Kevin to win the MitB briefcase from Braun, which the match on itself is dumb, then many fans will be pissed because of the fact that will be one of the dumbest things WWE could do especially with Braun being hot right now. I mean the whole match and even feud itself is way too stupid and even though I don't care for Braun and find himself lackluster he does deserve better.

    Also, if Brock wins then that is just fucking stupid and if they allow him to work both UFC and WWE then that is bullshit because of when Ken Shamrock was in WWF/E they told him he could either do one or the other, not both, and the same thing was told to Dan Severn as well as the fact it makes no fucking sense.
  3. I don't think people would be that pissed if Owens wins the Universal title, he has quite the support behind him (especially nowadays where heels are most popular) and Braun's also not as hot as he was a year ago but I get what you mean, it's more Braun's time rather than Kevin's.

    And the Brock thing is most likely not gonna happen anyways, it's just something I thought of while writing this because they didn't specify that Owens/Reigns at HIAC would be for the title. While I'm pretty sure Brock would love to work both because that'd mean paychecks from left and right, I doubt that the E would wanna do it
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  4. Brock Lesnar has negotiation power because he is one of the biggest ppv draws outside boxing. I don't see how it's bullshit. The more successful you are the better you are at bargaining. Shamrock and Severn were no where near Brock level.
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  5. You know what...I'll be honest & say while Strowman should
    cash in & win the Universal title at Summerslam...I wouldn't
    mind if Owens did either.

    It would be great to see Owens have a proper main roster
    Universal title run while not being overshadowed by a piece
    of paper & having someone helping him every step of the

    Plus...if they go with this keeps the Universal
    title off of Reigns, Lesnar can finally piss off & automatically
    adds more layers & depth to the Owens/Strowman feud.

    But really...I'm just typing this because I'm house sitting &
    I have nothing better to do.

    I honestly don't give shit what happens...& I probably won't
    until they put the Universal title on Rollins.
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  6. If Kevin Owens leaves Summerslam the universal champion then he is an absolute legend
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  7. I didn't mean pissed in the normal meaning, I meant it as some of the fans would be highly mad at it and you are right some would be happy about it, but still, if that case is that Kevin was gonna win the briefcase this whole time why not just have him win it at MitB, and I know they did for story or whatever, but still it just seems dumb to me. Plus, that would mean we get another year or so of Roman chasing the Champion and such as well as Kevin being a Chicken Shit isn't as fun or entertaining as The Miz when he acts like one.

    And the WWE shouldn't allow him to do it, anyway, if it was possible.
  8. Summer Slam is in New York so I think Kevin cashing in successfully would make the crowd very happy indeed
  9. Just as a sidenote, I remember the dirtsheets talking a LOT about how Ziggler wants to leave, Ziggler doesn't want to re-sign, etc. Before No Mercy 2016 when he had the MOTN with Miz in that title vs career match. It was awesome, in part because I'm sure WWE leaked that out there to fool the fans.

    Maybe the reports of Brock re-signing make this less predictable, but equally dog shit.

    Y'all know how I feel. No more cowardly heels or Roman title chases, please. Especially both at the same time.
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  10. If Brock resigns and is given the belt back, which many fans would hate, and thus be continuing the Roman story, I think that will be the straw that broke the camel's back for many people and leave WWE and hopefully watch something good like IMPACT or NJPW.
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  11. for better or worse, these rumors or fake advertisements mostly peak interest and make pointless feuds interesting again. Just like you mentioned the Ziggler thing, which made a boring and quite predictable IC title match 10 times more dramatic, I feel as if the whole Strowman/Owens match just got a good boost out of the actual possibility of Owens taking the briefcase from Strowman, even if it's just for me, because the feud itself isn't really doing anything for their match atm
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  12. There are so many leaks I think KO will cash in the night after like when he beat Jericho for the US Title
  13. No, there’s not a cold chance in hell that Owens will be winning. It would be beyond interesting and unexpected, but it’s not happening.
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  14. Yeah...WWE don't do interesting...
    which is a shame because they
    have some potentially interesting
    performers working for them.

    But hey...the so-called "Top Guy"
    is about as interesting as watching
    an apple what do you
  15. Fuck that idea.. Just give Strowman the goddamn title.. They almost completely cooled him off since they been holding back on him for so long.. Just give him the title and run with him.. He was so fucking popular and they didn't do shit with him.. Wrestling shouldn't be this difficult to book.
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  16. You fucking try it
  17. He could but my money is on Strowman.