could Kurt angle be returning to wwe?

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  1. taken this from an article I've just read on wrestlezone only speculating from it but to me It sounds like he could be returning to WWE and possibly returning at the royal rumble ppv with him saying he won't be wrestling until January am I reading to much into this maybe and he's simply staying at tna and would you like to see kurt angle in the wwe ring again?

  2. I heard he pissed off Triple H by trying to go over his head or something, idk I can see him returning I just don't know if he is for sure.. for some reason I'm thinking no.. I would like to see him in the WWE again though, I think it could be pretty good for them, I just don't know if the financials will be able to hold up.
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  3. Yes plz come back to wweeeeeeeeee :yay:
  4. He wants to come back, but Vince and HHH keep blowing him off because they're afraid he's too unhealthy to compete at this point. It was said that for the past few years, McMahon has been very dead set against bringing Kurt Angle back because he fears he may literally die in the ring and he doesn't want that on his company (so much for caring about Angle's life instead of just how bad it'll make the company look lol.)

    However, this is the same company that once took the risk of letting Kurt Angle wrestle with a near broken neck at Wrestlemania XIX. Eventually they all come home and I think Angle will end up re-signing with WWE and having one last match (preferably with Daniel Bryan) at some point. I'd hate it if they just brought him back and stuck him in the role of General Manager or something.
  5. Hmmm judging by what he said I'd say signs point to him re-signing with TNA. If he says he's going to announce his decision two weeks before his contract is up I'd have to assume he'll be re-upping as I doubt TNA would allow him to announce his deal with WWE whilst still under contract. Too bad though, as I'd love to see him back where he started.
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  6. I would hate him being a GM, too. However, I feel having Angle back in any faculty, at this point, would be nice. I can imagine the marking that would happen when his music goes off. "You suck!" chants going everywhere.

    It would be a nice change of pace for a while.
  7. The only thing i can think of is having him in Jack Swagger's corner, but they canceled the feud with Rusev, so how would they use him? I would hate to see him wrestle.
  8. hate to see him wrestle?.....imagine one last match with DB.....amazing.
  9. As cool as that'd be, he'd die in the ring. He is to fragile to be doing this stuff now.
  10. This might sound harsh, but so be it... Let the guy go out with a bang!!! Lol
  11. Since he said he's doing the right thing for him and his family it leads me to believe he is resigning with TNA. It would be good for him because he won't have to travel as much and he doesn't have to work so many dates. As much as I want to see him back in WWE, for Kurt, it would just be too impractical for him to return full time. I can see maybe a one off thing like a Royal Rumble appearance and a match at Mania but I think that's the most he'll do if he ends up returning which I think is unlikely.
  12. Rusev over Henry at NoC
    Swagger and Zeb come out to re-spark that feud
    The build to the next PPV has Swagger and Zeb introduce Angle as in their corner (maybe in a non-action role like Zeb?)
    Swagger finally beats Rusev for 'Merica!

    ^wishful thinking I know^
    But I really don't want to see Angle wrestle anymore either. Its true! Its damn true!

    Man imagine if all that happened and Angle AND Swagger each put the ankle lock on Rusev but on different ankles at the same time! :aries2:Never happen though.
  13. Would be cool to see a double ankle lock. I like the way you think!
  14. The best wrestler I've ever watched, so bring him back asap.
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