Could larger more athletic female wrestlers be the answer?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. The divas division has arguably never been worse. Fans don't care about it, and neither does WWE. The one period recently where I was somewhat interested in the divas division was when Kharma was active and at her best on RAW. This prompted me the question, would the divas division be better with more athletes like her?

    It's no secret WWE likes to hire models as wrestlers for that market value, but they are somewhat lacklustre and unappealing to wrestling fans at the moment. It's my opinion that no matter how much time you give these models wearing wrestling gear, it will never be as entertaining as it should be. Should WWE be looking at female body builders like they do for male wrestlers?
  2. They should definitely be looking at female athletes, not necessarily only bodybuilders but women who are used to an athletic lifestyle, boxers, mma, acrobatics etc. All are skills that require athletic ability and can be refocused towards wrestling. Heck one of the more promising divas down on NXT, Summer Rare is a former American football player and whilst she is green in the ring it shows that she is used to being athletic, the other two top prospects are former indy wrestlers in Paige and Sasha.

    They also need women who can work the stick and such to get people emotionally invested.

    The divas division is a bit of a tricky question to solve but athleticism is definitely at least part of the answer.
  3. Seriously think it's past the point of no return, they've simply done way too much damage after so many years of "lol divas" to bring it back. No reason to continue wasting time on it other than having buffer matches in between main events.
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  4. I think they should slam divas through tables again. Let them be more involved with make storylines. Sort of like when the whoreadactyls attacked Rosa our whoever. Give them a voice during moments when people care.

    But ultimately for people to care they'll need more capable women then what they have now. I don't know if they have to be bigger or muscular, but more athletic, of course.

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  5. That's creepy man.
    no thanks
  6. They need to get some actual females wrestlers that can f each other up...
    Not ex-models and ex-cheerleader. Have a handful of them then get some muscular women. I am talking more strong looking then Beth was.
    Then throw in a few chunky gals like Kharma was. It would be perfect. I want to see the women's division mean something again... And for the love of God...
  7. Or... get rid of the women's belt and just let them be managers... I mean seriously. The women's division is a joke.
  8. I think they have some talent still there. Well they have Natalya but they don't use her in any feuds. A feud with her and Beth would have been a great wrestling match IMO.
  9. They need to sign women who have a passion for the business,knows what it takes to tell a good story in the ring. Thing is i doubt many male fans care about if the see good women matches or not.
  10. Exactly this. It doesn't mean that you hire completely great diva's if there's no money in them. You can hire female wrestlers with the caliber of Lita, Trish, Mickie James, etc. They were great in the ring and have incredible looks. It's not hard.
  11. Eh... they either have to completely scrap it or completely revamp it. If they scrap it, keep a few of them as managers, and we're good. If they don't, hire women who have been wrestlers or at least athletes before instead of models, and not the ones that are just beautiful, the ones that actually have some talent or something. That'd already help a lot.
  12. Never been worse?

    Moolah and Wendy what's her face were their only women's wrestlers for years....

    Doesn't get any worse than that...
  13. Put Ryback in the Women's Division.
  14. This.
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