Could Lesnar return at HIAC?

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  1. I'm trying to think of possible ways Punk can retain at HIAC against an undefeated Ryback in a match with basically no rules. One thing that came to my head was Lesnar returning, ripping the cage doors off and destroying Ryback and puts Punk on top of him. Could that happen?

    Yes it would end the streak but do you get any better protection than a Lesnar interference lol?

    My only other theory is Mark Henry returning and doing the same thing, which I think is more likely considering he is returning soon (apparently) and I doubt a Ryback vs Lesnar feud is happening.
  2. That would be Awesome. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  3. Henry returning to put Ryback over would be sweet. Henry can lead mic segments since ryback's character doesn't really speak that much and the matches would be beast.
  4. I like the idea, but if Lesnar comes out and just annihilates him, it'd make Ryback look like shit :dawg:
  5. Not if it's a cheap shot. Also, can you look like shit when someone like Lesnar beats you down?
  6. Yes. I'd imagine most wrestlers would look weak like hell if put face to face with a guy like Brock who then ran roughshot on you not allowing you a chance to retaliate.
  7. :notsure: if sarcasm.
  8. Well aren't they trying to make Ryback look like some unstoppable machine? It wouldn't make sense for Lesnar to just beat the shit out him..

    A cheap shot or Lesnar using a weapon would work though I guess..
  9. I still think Lesnar has business to deal with regards to Triple H. I'm pretty sure he'll be staying clear of all this.
  10. Lesnar vs Ryback could happen.. Why not?

    Great way to get Ryback over versus a big guy like Lesnar is..
  11. Either Lesnar or Henry interfering would be a very nice way to do it. Would be funny if Henry wasn't able to open the cage door though.
  12. HE BE MAD!:booker:
  13. This would be the perfect way to end the match and have Punk retain, actually. It would make perfect sense since Heyman is now Punk's manager as well. It would also give us a nice double main event for Survivor Series - Cena and Punk in their (possible) final match for the WWE Title, and Lesnar/Ryback. Another possibility is a tag team main event - Punk/Lesnar vs Cena/Ryback since I can't see either Ryback or Brock jobbing to each other in a one-on-one match at this point. Then Cena and Punk can have their final match at TLC.
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